Program Overview

Computers permeate every aspect of our lives. Demand for computer engineers is strong, as computer systems of all sizes — from computer chips in cellular telephones to computer-controlled equipment in large manufacturing environments — are everywhere  in present-day society.

The Computer Engineering program at UW-Stout is ideally suited to help you develop skills that align with the needs of regional and national industries. This program will help you develop computer engineering skills with a strong background in both electrical engineering and computer science. As a graduate of this program, you’ll be equipped to work with both the hardware and software aspects of computer systems.

UW-Stout’s Computer Engineering program is a calculus-based program in which you’ll progress from a solid foundation in mathematics and science, through to practical skills in analysis and design. The program includes a strong emphasis on laboratory activities and student engineering design projects. Particular focus is placed on the design of hardware and software for engineering systems that utilize embedded digital processors such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, digital signal processors and personal computers.

Two factors make UW-Stout an ideal location if you choose to study Computer Engineering—heritage and resources. Throughout its history, UW-Stout has developed technical programs to meet the needs of your future employers in industry, to ensure that you are prepared to succeed. Programs focus on teaching you the direct application of technical knowledge to solve practical problems. In addition, Stout is positioned within a nine-county area known for a high concentration of large computer, electronics, and computer component manufacturers.

Preparing for UW-Stout

As a student in the Computer Engineering program, you must have an aptitude for science and mathematics. We encourage you to take as many upper level math and science courses in high school as possible, including mathematics though algebra and trigonometry, physics, and chemistry. Early development of computer skills is also very helpful.

Admission Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the university’s basic admission requirements, incoming freshman students must also rank in the top 40 percent of their graduating class or receive a composite score of 22 or greater on the ACT (or the corresponding equivalent on the SAT). In addition, an ACT math score of at least 22 is required. Additional entrance options are available for transfer students. Students not meeting the admission requirements may start in the Pre-Computer Engineering program.

Cooperative Education and Technology Transfer

Resources available to you include an outstanding cooperative education program, and the Stout Technology Transfer Institute. A part of UW-Stout’s Discovery Center, the STTI is a nationally-recognized center that assists regional businesses in applying innovative technologies to become more competitive. As you progress toward your degree, both of these resources provide valuable opportunities for you to learn through practical, on-the-job experiences while still enrolled at UW-Stout.

Entry Positions

As a computer engineer, you will be uniquely suited to meet the needs of many industries. Ability to tackle both hardware and software issues in a wide range of computer systems provides you with great flexibility in your choice of employment. UW-Stout is located in West Central Wisconsin, and is also very close to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. A large number of companies in the region have a demonstrated need for computer engineers. 

Graduate of the program in 2015-16 reported a 86 percent employment rate, with an average starting salary of $63,000.

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 ABET - Engineering Accreditation Commission

UW-Stout's Computer Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.