Materials and Nanoscience is the study of natural, man-made, bulk and nanoscale materials – their extraction, synthesis, processing, properties, characterization and development – for technological applications. A background in materials and nanoscience allows you to pursue careers in materials science, various engineering disciplines, applied physics or chemistry. It also opens doors to graduate study in similar areas.

The curriculum includes an introduction to the main principles and concepts of materials and nanotechnology with an exploration of its societal and environmental impacts across a vast array of fields including health care, manufacturing, the environment, biotechnology, energy and food production, and information technology. Students will be immersed in laboratory-based courses that include the basic techniques and theory of characterization methods of nano and bulk materials. Some of these techniques include electron microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, diffraction spectroscopy and emission spectroscopy.

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Materials and Nanoscience Career Paths

Focus your studies in materials and nanoscience if you want to become a(n):

  • process/applications engineer
  • chemist/chemical engineer
  • materials technician/scientist/engineer
  • medical device scientist/engineer
  • materials and/or nanoscience entrepreneur

or go to:

  • graduate school in materials science or chemistry
  • graduate school in biomedical, civil or environmental engineering
  • law school to become a patent attorney

Internships and Coops

Meet the Faculty

  • Rajiv Asthana
  • Education: PhD Materials Engineering
    Research Interests: Ceramic Joining
  • Diane Christie
  • Education: PhD in Materials Science
    Research Interests: Game Design and Simulation
  • John Kirk
  • Education: PhD Analytical Chemistry in Nanoscience
    Research Interests: Colloidal Crystals
  • Adam Kramschuster
  • Education: PhD Mechanical Engineering
    Research Interests: Biopolymers
  • Marlann Patterson
  • Education: PhD in Materials Science
    Research Interests: Nanomagnetism
  • Matthew Ray
  • Education: PhD in Chemistry
    Research Interests: Polymer, Colloid and Surface Chemistry
  • Alan Scott
  • Education: PhD in Experimental Nuclear Physics
    Research Interests: Science Education
  • Forrest Schultz
    Education: PhD Chemistry
    Research Interests: composites, wood
  • Wendy Stary
  • Education: MS in Materials Science
    Research Interests: Engineering Education
  • Todd Zimmerman
  • Education: PhD in Physics
    Research Interests: computer modeling of nanostructures

Faculty: e-mail Marlann Patterson to be added to this list.

Materials Research Society »  UW-Stout Chapter

UW-Stout Chapter

mrs_uc_1On April 20, 2011, Stout students began forming the Materials Research Society (MRS) local chapter. The MRS University Chapters strive to interest students in materials science. To join, email MRS at

Professional Societies and Organizations in Materials and Nanoscience


  • Strange Matter
    A great introduction to the state of materials science today.
  • Materials News

    An open access journal of materials science.

  • Mat Ed

    National Resource Center for Materials Technology.

  • Biomimicry

    Engineering as Nature Intended.

  • NISE Net

    Nanoscale Informal Science Education.

  • City of Materials

    A game introducing you to materials technology in the world around you.

  • NNIN

    Nanotechnology Education.


    National Nanotechnology Initiative.

  • DoITPoMS

    Dissemination of Information Technology for the Promotion of Materials Science.

    Online Simulation and More for Nanotechnology.

Concentration Coordinator

Marlann Patterson, Ph.D.
126D Jarvis Hall - Science Wing
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Menomonie, WI 54751

Materials Science on TV

NOVA has hosted a several series on PBS that relate to materials and nanoscience:

 Making Stuff on PBS' Nova

Making Stuff: Stronger, Smaller, Smarter, Cleaner » This series is a great introduction to the world of materials science. Learn more here.

Making More Stuff

Making More Stuff: Faster, Wilder, Colder, Safer » This series goes deeper into applications of materials. Learn more here.

Huniting Elements

Hunting the Elements » Learn more here.