Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! By visiting our webpage, you are taking positive steps toward a brighter future. Many students like you have wondered how the program can help them create the career they’ve always wanted. We’ve compiled some of our most Frequently Asked Questions so you can find out a little more about our program, to see if it’s right for you.

What background do I need in Math and Computer Science to enroll?

As a high school student, you should take all of the college prep math and computer science courses available to you at your school. Physics courses would also be helpful. You should also take as much English as possible to develop communication skills.

Can I major only in mathematics or only in computer science?

The program combines mathematics, statistics and computer science into one major. You may choose to take more courses in one discipline or another, but each concentration includes core courses in all three areas. You may have more than one concentration. Another option is to design your own emphasis area, possibly including a minor or second major.

Will the software I need be provided on my Stout laptop?

Most of the required software is installed on your Stout laptop or available through a key server on the Stout network. Due to licensing requirements, some software is only available in one of the department computer labs. You will not be asked to buy any additional software. You can find more online about the eStout program.

How many students will be in my classes?

Lower-level courses in the major average 30-35 students. Upper-level courses are typically smaller, averaging 15-25 students.

What type of advisement will I receive?

For your first semester (freshman year), you'll participate in the Advisement Center's First-Year Advising Program. The Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science department does provide a mentor to each student who will later become your advisor until you graduate.

Is a co-op/internship required or important during my studies?

A co-op/internship is required for certain concentrations to earn a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at UW-Stout. This experience usually makes you more attractive to prospective employers upon graduation. A co-op/intern experience is also important as it helps to define your career path.