Information for First-Year Students

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Major Courses

Note: All students are required to have a C or better in MATH 156, MATH 157, CS 144, CS 145, and CS 244.

Computer Science

  • CS-144, Computer Science 1 (no prerequisite)
  • CS-145, Computer Science 2 (prerequisite: CS-144)

Mathematics Courses

  • MATH-156, Calculus and Analytic Geometry 1
    (prerequisite: placement test score or College Math II)

  • MATH-157, Calculus and Analytic Geometry 2
    (prerequisite: MATH-156)

  • MATH-180 Foundations of the Language of Mathematics
    (prerequisite: MATH-156 or MATH-153)

Note: Applied Mathematics students should take MATH-156/157 sequence rather than MATH-153/154 sequence; If a student starts with MATH-153 (e.g. a transfer student), she/he should switch to MATH-157 if possible

Mathematics Education Concentration Courses

  • STMED 101  Introduction to Mathematics and Science Education

    (no prerequisite)

  • EDUC  326  Foundations of Education

    (no prerequisite)

  • STMED 185 Pre-Student Teaching
    (background check required)

General Education

Try to take as many as possible during first two years.

  • Racial and Ethnic Studies: 6 credits -- 2-3 courses depending on course combinations, must include 3 credits in RESA category; a number of combinations are possible where each course also satisfies another general education requirement under Social/Behavioral Science or Arts and Humanities

  • English:  6 credits ENGL-101 or ENGL-111 - first year, first semester; ENGL-102 or ENGL-112 - first year, second semester

  • Speech: 3 credits SPCOM-100 - first year

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: 6 credits in 2 areas (usually two 3-credit courses) Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

  • Arts and Humanities: 6 credits in 2 areas (usually two 3-credit courses) Art History and Music Appreciation, Creative/Performing Arts, History, Literature, Philosophy, Foreign Language/Culture

  • Analytic Reasoning and Natural Science: 12 credits required, satisfied with MATH-156, MATH-157 (10 credits), and a natural science lab course

  • Contemporary Issues:  3 credits (usually one 3-credit course) from appropriate listing

  • Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning:  3 credits (usually one 3-credit course) from appropriate listing

  • Selective:  4 credits required, satisfied with CS-144