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Careers in the applied molecular biosciences are growing exponentially. Advances in genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and bioinformatics will fundamentally change our understanding and our ability to manipulate life. Through UW-Stout’s Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ABMB) program, you will have many opportunities to participate in these growing fields, and have a rewarding career that will grow in the coming years.

These advances are possible through combing the disciplines of biochemistry and molecular biology. As a graduate of the program, you'll be well-prepared for work in genomic, diagnostic, medical and forensic laboratories in the government, academic and private sectors. You'll also be eligible for admission into graduate programs for advanced training. Our graduates work on cutting-edge problems such as the industrial production of biofuels and pharmaceuticals, creating commodities from biological waste streams, and genetically engineering more productive life forms. These careers are financially rewarding and will continue to grow well into the next century.

The program offers a rigorous fundamental education in molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, physics and statistics. Because our faculty work on solving real-world problems, you will acquire a wide variety of practical skills and knowledge. The hallmark of our program is its focus on integrating applied research into the classroom environment. As you take our classes, you'll assemble an enviable research portfolio while preparing for a successful career.

Starting in your freshman year, you'll join a tightly-knit community of dedicated learners. Our students are curious, motivated and eager to participate in applied research projects both inside and outside the classroom. UW-Stout recently created a student chapter of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. You, too can join these students as they deeply immerse themselves in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology and become part of the larger scientific community.

Learning Outcomes

Program graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply chemical principles and energy transfer to molecular life processes,

  2. Summarize fundamental concepts across the biological sciences with focus on flow of information and molecular structure/function relationships,

  3. Demonstrate proficiency in experimental design, laboratory methodology, and data analysis,

  4. Implement modes of communication relevant to life-science professions, and

  5. Create effective team-based work groups.

Market Demand

A recent analysis showed that national employer demand for individuals with degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology skills increased every six-month period from 2013 to 2015, for a total of a 75 percent increase during that period. In regional states (i.e., Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota), comparable employer demand increased 64 percent.  

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a seven percent annual increase in demand, resulting in about 97,600 new jobs nationally.  

The Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program can lead to an intellectually and financially rewarding career, so join and become part of the next generation of scientists.



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