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A Need to Know

Naturally curious. Full of wonder. Driven to pursue answers that may, indeed, change the way we understand our world.

Sound like a student you know?

Student researchers offer the intellect, competence, and enthusiasm to power your next research project while they gain lifelong learning skills applicable both inside and outside the classroom. It’s a win-win.

The Journey Begins

Start your students on the journey of discovery by registering to attend the Student Research Skills (SRS) Symposium at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.
SRS Symposium is a two-day, interactive seminar to help you visualize student research as part of your curriculum and learn to incorporate it successfully. SRS Symposium highlights include:

  • Introduction to Research Skills Development (RSD) Framework

  • One-on-One Project Development Guidance

  • Cross Disciplinary Application of RSD Framework

  • Exhibition of RSD Undergraduate Projects

...and much more!

International Expertise

SRS Symposium will be led by Dr. John Willison, internationally recognized originator of the RSD Framework and senior lecturer in the discipline of Higher Education, School of Education at the University of Adelaide, Australia. This is a rare opportunity to work with Dr. Willison to apply the RSD Framework to your existing courses and interact with teachers from diverse educational settings.


Symposium Sponsors

Nakatani Teaching and
Learning Center

UW-Stout Office of the Provost

UW System

Wisconsin System Council for
Undergraduate Research (WISCUR)

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