Session Descriptions

Wednesday, October 1 - See Program Schedule for session times and location

John Torinus, The Grassroots Healthcare Revolution

When exploding health care costs threatened Serigraph's solvency, CEO John Torinus Jr. searched the country for solutions. Using his findings, Torinus applied innovative, cutting-edge strategies and cut his company's health care expenses well below the national average while improving his employees' care.

UW-Stout Industry & Technology Lab Tours

See the new technology at UW-Stout and understand what companies are doing with it.  Tours leave from concourse area outside of the Great Hall.  Two tours will be available:
Tour A) Packaging, Plastics, and Fab Lab
Tour B) Computer Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering.

NASA: Glenn Research Center Technology Showcase Display

See what NASA has been working on and understand how your company might benefit

Open to the public, students, faculty and staff.

Tours of Manufacturers
Join in a tour of local manufacturers - space is limited, sign up through the registration process.
Tour A:  Silver Spring Foods
Tour B:  Polymer Technolgy

Wisconsin Manufacturing Excellence Awards Event

Join for dinner and an evening program supporting manufacturing careers and networking.

Thursday, October 2 - See Program Schedule for times and locations

Registration and breakfast networking begins at 7:00 a.m.

Craig Porter, Workforce Engagement:Sloan Award

For all companies, staff will make or break your success. As a small manufacturer, accomplishing your mission with a small staff makes that a bigger challenge. With the evolving state of the available workforce, managing your ability to fill out that staff is a more daunting task. Hear form a Sloan Award winner on how achieving Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility can help you achieve both.

Mike Weller, Miller Electric, Strengthening the Heart of Your Company and 80/20

Mike Weller has significantly impacted all phases of his business with meaningful profit improvement by incorporating the 80/20 principle in his organization. This principle fostered and supported by the culture within, enables him to maximize potential by engaging all levels of his teams.

Mini Session, Booth Presentations, and Networking
Attend at least three sessions during the hour to get briefed on some "hot topics"

1. Nancy Mistele - Reducing the Regulatory Burden!

Want to do something to reduce the regulatory burden you face doing business in Wisconsin?Then attend this event to hear what the Office of Business Development can do for you.As the 'concierge service for business' they help cut through government red tape to solve problems, work with you to identify laws and rules that need to be reformed (or removed) and link you to various business services available in the state.Don't miss the opportunity to meet your very own state government problem solver!

2. Elizabth Laxague, International Trade Specialist , Growing Your Business Through Exports

Exporting gives companies the chance to diversify their markets and increase sales and jobs. Learn how exporting will benefit your company. Included in the discussion will be the available resources in Wisconsin to help make exporting easier than ever.

3. Technology Adoption / Acceleration – Roger Gehring, UW-Stout MOC
Hear about the Stout MOC's unique approach to researching new, application-ready technologies for adoption by forward-thinking manufacturing companies.

4.   ISO 2015 Changes – David Ding, Operations & Management, UW-Stout  and Joel Ericson, Sr. Manager Corporate Quality Audits, St. Jude Medical
Hear about the latest 2015 ISO changes.  

5.  What is Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing? - Mike Cropp, UW-Stout Discovery Center and Stratasys

6.  NASA Technology Showcase - NASA Team
Hear about the latest technologies from the NASA Team

7.  Focus on Energy Incentives Program - Thomas Reitter

8.  Authentic Leadership Development - Renee Surdick

Burning Issues Breakout Sessions - one hour sessions for more in-depth discussions
1.    Exploring Alternative Healthcare
2.    Workforce/Skills Gap
3.    NASA Technology: Engaging with NASA to make Cutting Edge Technology Connections
4.    Practical Application of Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
5.    Hotest Topic:  vote via text message or email yo ur topic of choice
            This session will be determined via pre-conference polling of the registrants!

Afternoon Keynotes
Joe Shaw, NASA

NASA Glenn Research Center has an aggressive effort to partner with members of the external community to infuse NASA capabilities (people, facilities, technologies) into critically important sectors of our national economy so as to support job creation/retention by the private sector. This effort aligns with the 2011 Presidential directive to all federal agencies to Accelerate Technology Transfer and Commercialization of Federal Research In Support of High-Growth Businesses. NASA Glenn's approach and recent successes will be presented and discussed.

Tim Salaba, 3M
Twenty -nine years of experience in various engineering postions  at 3M have put Tim Salaba in a unique  position to view energy conservation from a  manufacaturing perspective.  Hear about the latest tools and processes being used to increase efficiency and save on energy consumption. Participate in a round table panel discussion to get a value added experience with an expert in the field.

Roundtable Discussions, Panels and One-on-Once Opportunities
1.  Breaking Down the Government’s Barriers & Road Blocks – Nancy Mistele, Office of Business Develoment
     Bring your greatest obstacles to the table so that they can be brought back for policy for reform!
2.    One-on-one’s with NASA  - Specific Technology Discussions – NASA team
3.    Energy Conservation Panel Discussion – Every want to do it: Get tips from experts
       - Thomas Reitter, Focus on Energy
       - Herb Hannam, WMEP
       - Tim Salaba, 3M
       - Ted Theryl, UW-Stout MOC - facilitator
4.     Alternative Healthcare Roundtable Working Session
       - Pam Branshaw, CPA, Wipfli
       - Cheryl DeMars, Calvin Rigsby, The Alliance
       - Mark Paulson, BPA
       - Natasha Plank-Ottum, Plank Enterprises