Principles of Lean Presenters

Brad Nasset, Project Manager

Brad holds a master’s degree in Operations Management and has over 25 years of industrial management experience. As a line manager, he implemented Lean manufacturing principles in food manufacturing, machining, custom fabrication and assembly operations.

As a Project Manager at NWMOC, Brad’s expertise includes Lean manufacturing implementations, business coaching and team-based continuous improvement initiatives.

He has helped companies in many different industries to reduce cost, increase productivity, implement work cells, improve on-time delivery, reduce changeover time, design new plant layouts, increase employee involvement, develop and implement manufacturing strategies, and win new business.

He is a certified Professional Business Advisor (PBA) and holds certifications from the National Institute of Standards and Technology / MEP System in a variety of subject areas relating to advanced manufacturing strategies.

Bill Amsrud, Project Manager

Prior to joining the NWMOC, Bill had over 31 years of increasing management responsibility in a variety of disciplines in manufacturing including design, project management, engineering and maintenance management, and operations and production management. He was employed by Murray Machinery, Mosinee Paper Corp, Blue Chip Engineering, Piper Products and Clover Industries. In addition, he has performed manufacturing plant assessments as an independent consultant.

Bill is a graduate of UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has been a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Wisconsin since 1979. In addition to many technical and management continuous education courses, he has received leadership training through the Covey Institute.

Bill brings a wealth of experience in both continuous process and discrete manufacturing environments. He has experience driving Lean principles in manufacturing and office systems including single-piece flow manufacturing, visual management, project management, transformation planning, plant layout, maintenance management and reducing changeover time.