LEAN Organization Series

Buried in growing mounds of paper? Unnecessary policies? Too many meetings, emails and reports? As entities are challenged to do more with less, it is crucial to improve office efficiency.

messy deskLEAN principles aren't new.  For over 29 years, LEAN has been changing business and industry to eliminate waste and increase efficiency.  It enables organizations to become customer focused, value-based and resource efficient.  Applying LEAN principles for the purpose of streamlining processes leads to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Discovery Center at UW-Stout has helped businesses and organizations from the public and private sectors draw upon LEAN experts to identify opportunities for process solutions and make real change.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:  Office and administrative professionals from all industry sectors, including education, government, healthcare, business, financial and service organizations.

LEAN Organization Series
All sessions held at UW-Stout, Menomonie, WI

You can register for any single session in the series at $259 per session, or all four sessions as a whole for $932.40.  A certificate of completion is given upon completing all 4 sessions in this series.  10% discount when 3 or more attend from one organization. Customized on-site training options are also available; email profed@uwstout.edu for more information.

Session 1 - LEAN Basics
7:45 to 4:30 - UW-Stout campus, Room 144 & 146, Merle Price Commons building

What is Lean? What are the benefits? By using group exercises, video and hands on simulation you will learn about the tools available and when to use them. Key concepts such as value stream/process mapping, kaizen, 5S, visual management and error proofing are essential to attacking waste and sustaining the benefits. Get your employees speaking the language of LEAN.  By the end of the course, participants will understand the principles and be able to lay out a roadmap for incorporating them into their work flow. 

Session 2 - Value Stream/Process Mapping - the Most Critical LEAN Tool
7:45 to 4:30 - UW-Stout campus, Room 144 & 146, Merle Price Commons building

Participants learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of the commonly used process mapping tool. In hands-on exercises, individuals will create current and future state value stream process maps. Key metrics such as processing time, cycle time, and correct and accurate will be discussed and incorporated into the exercises.The power of questioning and asking "why" is a strong component in building a LEAN culture. At the conclusion of this session, participants will be better prepared to identify the scope of a process and facilitate process mapping sessions, both current and future state.

Session 3 - Dealing with Challenging Teams and Change Readiness
7:45 to 4:30 - UW-Stout campus, Northwoods Room, Memorial Student Center

Change is difficult for most people and others will make it nearly impossible.  Learn to effectively lead cross-functional teams through your LEAN journey.   Participants will be encouraged to share their team challenges and experiences. The cycle of change will form the basis of understanding how people respond to various situations and how to move them to drive sustainable improvements.

Session 4 - LEAN Processes Need a LEAN Management System
7:45 to 4:30 - UW-Stout campus, Northwoods Room, Memorial Student Center

Implementing LEAN isn't just about the tools such as 5S, pull systems and kaizen events. It's easy to apply or use tools and see some quick benefits, but what really begins to make the difference for your organization is transitioning to a LEAN management system.  Learn to implement the daily practices of management and leadership at all levels to truly transform your organization during your LEAN journey.


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Examples of LEAN Success

woman at a computer

Purchase Order Process

·Reduced non-value added steps by 56%

·42% increase in first time through quality

·Reduced lead time from 13 days to 8 day

Recruitment Process

·Reduced lead time from 137 hours to 43 hours

·95% reduction of paper resumes

·Not losing good candidates due to a long and tedious process

Medical Supply Procurement Process

·Reduced procurement of supplies from 105 days to 30 days

Engineering Quotation Process

·Reduced lead time from 95 days to 27 days

·52% increase in first time through quality

Commercial Loan Process

·Reduced process time from 244 days to 92 days

·36% increase in completeness and accuracy

Court Case Process

·Reduced process steps from 56 to 21 

·Decreased lead time from 200 days to 50 days

·Increased 4% first pass yield to 62%