Leadership Development Institute

The UW-Stout Leadership Development Institute

A comprehensive leadership development center committed to delivering products, programs and services to UW-Stout graduates, business and industry, as well as education and nonprofit organizations. The entity coordinates and leverages campus wide leadership development resources with the Discovery Center to fulfill the Institute's mission.

Mission Statement

Provide comprehensive and premiere leadership development products, programs and services to graduates, business, industry, and nonprofit organizations.


We believe that people have the capacity to dramatically improve their leadership ability.  Our experience and research evidence suggests that there is subject matter and processes to use when teaching and coaching others that can help facilitate and individual's journey to become an outstanding leader.  See the article by Dr. Krueger "The Leadership Development Hierarchy" for more information.

Leadership Academy Phase I

This dynamic four-day workshop presents the best information, experiences, and techniques that will help individuals develop their hidden leadership potential.  The Leadership Academy capitalizes on over 100 years of experience in leadership training, executive coaching and organization development experience.  Referred to as "a life changing experience" by many former attendees.

Leadership Academy Phase Two: Cohort Groups

A group of 8-12 individuals that have participated in the phase one four day Leadership Academy. They meet for ½ day, six times a year with an expert facilitator to continue and reinforce their leadership development journey. Cohort groups provide an appropriate confidential sounding board and support for each member. Participants learn from each other and from an expert leadership coach.

At the end of each meeting individuals will develop a plan to apply a new leadership strategy, tactic or technique to improve their leadership and performance of their organization. They will then report out about the implementation of their plan at the next cohort group meeting.

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Customized Leadership Development Programs

Working collaboratively with a specific organization, we carefully analyze the leadership development needs, clarify expectations; then design a program and processes to meet those needs. Key members of the participating organization will be involved in assuring that the program and processes will meet expectations.

One on One Coaching

Individuals work with one of our coaches to facilitate their leadership development. A personalized leadership development plan is developed by the coach and participant that delineates their leadership purpose, values and developmental goals. A 360 degree assessment that identifies the individual's strengths and potential improvement opportunities All data is secure and is shared between the participant and the coach.

Professional Leadership Development Certificate

Advance your leadership career through the UW-Stout Leadership Fellow Certificate Program.

The UW-Stout Leadership Fellow Certificate Program is a tremendous opportunity for individuals to advance their leadership careers. Individuals that complete five leadership development components will be awarded the UW-Stout Leadership Fellow Certificate.

·Successfully complete the four day Leadership Academy Program

·Develop a personal leadership development plan

·Participate in ½ day Leadership Cohort Groups and coaching sessions

·Successfully complete four 1/2 leadership skill sharpening seminars

·Present their key leadership learnings at a UW-Stout Leadership Fellows Forum.

Leadership Fellows will be invited to a special event each year to participate in a leadership development experience. They will meet with their cohorts to share experiences and to support each other. They also will receive discounts to participate in Leadership Development Institute Seminars. 


Authentic Leadership Coaching

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Organization Culture Consulting

Larry Wilson, one of the world's foremost organization development consultants, often cited the "soil and seed" metaphor. He said that "the seeds are the ideas or strategy and the soil is the culture." A great business strategy (the seeds) without good cultivated soil (the culture) will not grow. Organizations need both an outstanding strategy and a great culture.

Working in concert with key individuals in your organization, a vision of the type of high performing culture you desire is developed. We then design a process to achieve the desired culture that supports your business goals.

Skill Building Seminars

Select a combination of our workshops to build or supplement your organization's leadership development training.

All of our workshop modules are specifically designed to actively involve the participant in the learning process. Our workshop leaders have all been recognized as outstanding teachers and facilitators.

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Lean Leadership

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