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Prolitec, Inc.

At first, I was very reluctant about spending the time required by ExporTech™ — three days over the course of three months. Fortunately, these concerns were not validated. I was most impressed by the resources brought together at ExporTech™. The guest experts freely shared their expertise and solutions and did not, in any way, pitch their services. The peer-to-peer success stories really helped us relate to their real-world experiences and gave us great ideas. The time passed quickly, all of the sessions were very interactive, and multiple coaches were assigned to assure success. The follow-up has been impressive too. The program is effective — we are already 58% up over our plan! We were very satisfied with ExporTech™ and would recommend it to other small and midsize manufacturers looking to expand in exporting.

~ Roger Bensinger, Executive VP of Mktg. and Business Dev.