Course Overview

Online Event Management Certificate Courses

  1. Convention and Meeting Planning
    • The roles and responsibilities of professional hospitality meeting planners and hotel convention sales/service managers are examined for purposes of planning or hosting a major convention, or a corporate, association, or special group meeting event.  
  2. Event Management
    • Planning, organizing and the management of events will be investigated for the hospitality, tourism and golf industries.
    • Emphasis is placed on the design, internal management systems and post event evaluation.
  3. International Convention and Meeting Planning
    • Investigate the process and procedures to plan for meetings in other countries.
  4. Trade Show Management
    • Investigate and apply the processes and procedures to plan and manage a trade show from a developer and user perspective.
    • Define the processes to select and develop, arrange for site and support services leading to a profitable trade show.  

Taking an Online Course

  • Participate using your home or another computer to access the course Web pages, modules, and readings.
  • Many of the course instructional concepts are developed through participating in an online class forum called a discussion board. The discussion board is used to dialog with your online peers about readings, exchange ideas and share information and resources, and respond to case studies posted by peers or your instructor.
  • Enjoy full access to University of Wisconsin-Stout Library databases, online articles from professional journals, and other resources available through the library's distance learning services.

Technology Requirements:

To ensure success in the program, you should be comfortable in a Windows or Macintosh environment and proficient using e-mail, the Internet and common software, such as a word processing program.