The Registration Process - How do I begin?

  1.  If registering more than one person, each individual must have their own email address.
  2. You will be sent a confirmation with a secure code and your personal start and stop date for the course.
  3. Start your professional development by accessing the course via the provided web address.
  4. Complete the course navigation tutorial to familiarize yourself with the operation of the online course.
  5. Begin the course, completing the required readings, activities, and chapter test.
  6. Competency is demonstrated by completing a test for each section of the training with 85% accuracy.  A CEU Certificate of Completion will be sent to students who successfully complete the program. 
  7. Refunds, minus a $35.00 processing fee, may be granted within 1 month of registration and prior to the completion of any assessment.

Please call 715.232.2793 to

 register for the program

Registration Fees

Individual Rate
$85 per section 
$350 for all 5 sections

Group Rate for 2 or more registrations
$80 per section
$300 for all 5 sections

Military Rate (Registrations must be sent through
your training director on base.)

$75 per section
$280 for all 5 sections