Working with Young Children Online

The Working with Young Children Online Early Childhood Education Program is comprised of a series of courses based on the textbook, Working With Young Children by Judy Herr, Ed.D.

Students will easily learn from the Working with Young Children Online Course, benefiting from:

  • Interactive Online Textbook with video allows for individualized and customized learning. Students can select chapters and topics in the order that fits their learning style. The ability to toggle back and forth as many times as needed promotes confidence and understanding of the material that is presented. The Save My Spot feature lets students exit and enter at any point, alleviating any frustration of trying to remember where they left off during the last study session. Part introduction videos by the author add expert experience to pursing lessons.
  • Text-size customization enables students to control the size of the type on the screen, making the course flexible for students with varying needs.
  • Electronic Activities reinforce concepts learned in the course and help students apply what they have learned. Students simply key answers into the forms.
  • Interactive Drill and Practice Activities provides self-assessment opportunities so students can be confident before moving on to new content.

The Working with Young Children online program is designed to enhance the training and knowledge base for early childhood educators and administrators. The early childhood professional can earn continuing education units (CEUs) by completing educational modules and demonstrating competency of the materials covered for either initial or renewal certification.*

One continuing education unit is equivalent to ten training hours. Each section provides 20 hours (2 CEUs) of training. There are a total of five sections in the program. An individual may register for one or more sections, depending on their educational needs. Each section contains up to 11 chapters. Competency is demonstrated by completing a written test for each section of the training with 85% accuracy. A CEU Certificate of Completion will be sent to students who successfully complete their program.

Certification requirements for early childhood educators vary significantly from state to state.  Check with  your state agency regarding continuing education requirements. 

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