Presenters and Workshops

2015 Conference Presenters and 
        Workshop Descriptions

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Daily Schedule
Session I:        9:00 am to 10:15 am (Keynote)
Session 2:      10:30 am to 11:45 am
Lunch             Noon - 1:00 pm (no  sessions during lunch)
Session 3:      1:15 pm to 2:30 pm
Session 4:      2:45 pm to 4:00 pm


Singing in Signs
Lindsay Barnhart, Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Singing and the use of sign language (ASL) are two amazing teaching tools. Put them together for a high level of student engagement and learning. Participants will actively participate in learning signs to infant, toddler, preschool appropriate songs.(Infant/toddler, Preschool)

Visual Aids for Early Childhood Settings
Mandy Bass, Special Educ Teacher, South Washington County Schools
Gail Bass, Retired Associate Professor, University of North Dakota
Learn about a variety of visual aids and strategies to use in early childhood settings. This information can be applied to any special or regular education setting, even at home! Bring your camera to capture ideas for your own settings, and bring a creative mind for some hands-on experience with making a quick and simple visual aid.
(Infant/toddler, Preschool)

Teach Them HOW to Think, Not WHAT to Think
Brook Berg, Family Living Educator, UW-Extension,
Eau Claire County
Our role in the development and guidance of children is so important. Join us for a discussion on understanding our role as an educator, the family's role in their child's life and how together, we can help our children become good problem solvers. We will practice techniques from the Raising a Thinking Child curriculum and you will come away with skills to teach our children how to think, not what to think.
(Infant/toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teachers, Administrators)

Emotional Development in Early Childhood
Ann Brand, Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Early childhood educators play an important role in facilitating healthy emotional development in young children. This talk will explore development of emotions in early childhood, emotional competence and why it is important (social/academic competence) and tools providers can use to assist children in regulating their emotions and developing emotional competence.
(Infant/toddler/ Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary)

Apps for ECE
Melody Brennan, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Kaitlyn Orrock, Academic Specialist, Northpoint Elementary, Spring Lake Park School District
Learn how to utilize applications (apps) in a manner that is engaging and entertaining for young children. Use of modern technology can enhance curriculum instruction for Early Childhood Education. Emphasis will be an exploration into the use and development of apps being used in the classroom.
(Kindergarten, Primary)

Arts Integration in the Early Childhood Classroom
Melody Brennan, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Tami Weiss, Associate Lecturer and Program Director, University of Wisconsin-Stout
In this fast-paced, hands-on workshop, participants view and make multiple evidence-based and standards-aligned art integrated projects. Constructed materials with an artistic flare that can enhance daily instruction.  Activities are flexible enough to work for individuals, small groups, or entire classes.  Space is limited, register early.  There is an additional charge of $25 for supplies.
Friday (Infant/toddler, Preschool) Saturday (Primary)

Ethics and Moral Development in the Digital Age
Elizabeth Buchanan, Endowed Chair in Ethics, Univ of Wisconsin-Stout
This session will introduce principles of ethics and ethical frameworks as they pertain to the educational setting. Moral development and the complexities of the digital age ground the discussion, which will provide participants with an understanding of challenges facing their students and themselves as professionals.

Making Books with 1st - 3rd Graders
Carol Ruth Carlin, Adjunct Professor, Viterbo University
Hands on activities engage students. Bookmaking spans all developmental areas. Resources for bookmaking are readily available. This combination provides an interesting approach to mastery of CCSS in the primary grades. Observation and assessment of student learning, cultural diversity and creative expression are central to this process. Participants will leave with a bag full of sample books and ideas to use them in their classrooms.
(Kindergarten, Primary)

Communicating with Parents: Keeping the Lines Open
Greg Cleveland, Parent
Ever suspect a child has a disability? How do you share your thoughts in a professional way with a parent without it leading to overreaction, arguments, finger-pointing or more? Special Ed may not be our field, but there's a good chance you will see a child with special needs in your facility. In this session, the presenter, a parent of children on the autism spectrum, will share his experiences of working with teachers, administrators and medical professionals with special regards to communication. (Infant/toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten)

Strategies for Working with English Learners
Nicole Crowell, ESL Teacher, Barron County Schools
Kimberly Martinez, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
In this session, various strategies will be shared for working with English learners (EL's) that will support their learning of the English language. The presenters will share basic communication strategies for supporting EL's in the regular classroom, appropriate children's literature that supports development of basic English, creating culturally responsive materials in the area of literacy instruction, and tips for collaboration between ESL teachers and regular classroom teachers.

What am I Waiting For?
Linda DeMoe, Retired Early Childhood Instructor, Chippewa Valley Technical College
The one thing we all strive for daily is happiness. What we may not realize is that maybe we need to stop the pursuit of happiness and just be happy. Harmony and contentment could be much closer than you realize. This presentation will give you the opportunity to laugh, to cry and to find some peace within your daily life. Listen to the many ways to build self-esteem in yourself as well as those around you. Bring an open mind and an open heart and prepare to be transformed. With the attitude that everyone matters, I invite you to attend this workshop and reflect upon what is important in your life. (Adults, Administrators)

Help! My Child is out of Control: Strategies on Identifying,
Coping, and Calming
Laura Dietsche, OTR, Nature's Edge Therapy Center
Becky Payne, Speech Language Pathologist, Nature's Edge Therapy Center
How do you feel when your child is 'out of control'? I can only imagine, but some of you may be frustrated, anxious, embarrassed, exhausted, and perhaps even helpless? This presentation is developed for parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists who encounter an 'out of control' child. We will offer possible reasons why a child that appears content, can be 'out of control' in a matter of seconds, and provide strategies that can be implemented when an outburst occurs, along with information that may deter the behavior from occurring again. A speech language pathologist and an occupational therapist with over 23 years of combined experience will be leading the presentation and providing case examples and information to assist with the most challenging behaviors that become 'out of control' in a split second.

Make Your Move, the Shift in on
Michelle Dupre, Instructional Math Coach, School District of Menomonie
Tera Ellison, District Reading Specialist, Title 1 Coordinator, School District of Menomonie
This session will sort fact from fiction in relation to the Common Core State Standards. We will take you on a dynamic exploration of the key shifts in Literacy and Mathematics. Attendees will deepen their understanding and walk away with ideas to engage their students in authentic learning. We will leave you inspired and ready for tomorrow's teaching.
(Kindergarten, Primary, New Teachers, Administrators)

Reflective Curriculum Planning for Infants and Toddlers
Renee Ernsting, Assistant Director, Child Care Partnership
Sarah Otto, YoungStar Coordinator, Child Care Partnership
Come join us for a discussion focusing on current research of how infants and toddlers learn and develop. Learn about the reflective planning process and strategies to help teachers plan an appropriate curriculum for infants and toddlers. This reflective process is grounded in observation and documentation of infants and toddlers pursuing their natural learning agenda.

Now I Know My ABC's
Michelle Espelien, Educational Coordinator, A Chance to Grow
Come join in on an all new ABC Adventure. Learn new and creative ways to engage young learners in alphabet fun. See teacher tested and child approved projects and experiences for the young learner. There will be great new learning techniques as well as the old tried and true presented. Come ready to learn and participate in this fun updated class!
(Preschool, Kindergarten, New Teachers)

Adventures with Books
Michelle Espelien, Educational Coordinator, A Chance to Grow
There are so many fabulous children's books available to share with our children at school! In this class, I hope to introduce you to some fantastic kid approved books with fun learning experiences to accompany them. Activities will be presented in art, math, cooking, science and free play! The stores will cover a wide range of topics including: seasonal, learning about ourselves, themes, behaviors and just plain fun! Come prepared to share in this fun adventure!
(Preschool, Kindergarten, New Teachers)

Digital Photography in the Classroom
Allison Feller, Instructional Specialist and Toddler Teacher, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Digital photography is a master key to enhancing classroom environments and learning. Come and learn how Allison Feller, a Child and Family Study teacher, uses digital photography for curriculum, bulletin boards, parent letters, anecdotal records, assessment, teacher-made materials and more.
(Infant/toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teacher)

Incorporate Nutritious Snacks, Interactive Cooking Activities & Nutrition Education into Your Classroom
Allison Freeman, Nutrition, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Food needs to be an important part of the early childhood classroom experience. Come and learn from the Child and Family Study Center nutritionist regarding how to incorporate nutritious snacks, interactive cooking activities and education into your classroom. Helpful resources will be provided for you to take back to your program. Interactive cooking demonstrations will also be included.
(Infant/toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teacher)

How Music Advances Language Learning
Annette Gagliardi, Family Educator, Minneapolis ECFE
Ron Gustafson, Retired Early Childhood Director, Teddy Bear Band
This workshop provides participants with "hands on" experience in learning how music enhances language acquisition and provides songs that teachers might use in the classroom. The session will include a list of books that have songs attached or are the word of songs, and how teachers use them for language learning. ASL will be part of at least one of the lessons in this presentation. Handouts will be provided.
(Infant/toddler, Preschool, New Teachers)

Blockbuilding Blast Off: Using Blockbuilding to
Stimulate Learning in all areas of the Curriculum
Judy Gifford, Director, Family and Child Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Amber Eckert, Instructional Specialist, Family and Child Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Come and learn how to incorporate STEAM - science, technology, engineering, arts and math in your blockbuilding area. See what is happening in the Child and Family Study Center at UW-Stout. In this workshop, participants will be shown a variety of tools, props, and other items they can use in their own classrooms to facilitate and scaffold learning in play-based environment. Slides and video clips will be used to present strategies teachers can use to help children link math, literacy and science in the block area. Teachers will gain specific ideas they can take back and apply in their classrooms on Monday!
(Infant/toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, New Teachers)

Creating Stimulating Environments using Teacher Made Materials
Angie Gilbertson, Instructional Specialist, Child & Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Laura Pitt, Head Teacher, Child & Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Come and enjoy this updated, creative session to help your classroom come alive! Learn how to make inviting teacher made materials to enhance the early learning process. This session is a must since studies show the important of novelty in the classroom to enhance brain development.

Infant Massage
Christy Haller, Massage Therapist, Mayo Clinic Health Systems – Eau Claire
Learn basic infant massage techniques proven useful as calming communication between infant and caregiver. Infant massage supports one-on-one time with an infant, while reducing stress levels in the infant and encouraging relaxation, improving sensory awareness and relieving discomfort from colic and teething. Bring a doll or stuffed toy for practice.

Growing Gardens, Growing Health
Beth Hanna, Training and Outreach Specialist, Community Groundworks
Children who plant gardens, grow a healthier future for themselves, their classrooms and their community. Learn how youth gardens promote childhood health by providing access to and preference for fresh produce. Join in a discussion of the unique opportunities and challenges early childhood programs face in implementing and sustaining youth gardens. Find resources for engaging activities, delicious recipes and impactful center policies. Finally, get your hands dirty with gardening demonstrations fun for kids. . .and adults.
(Infant/toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary)

Fingerplays - Playing with Words
Colleen Hannafin, Performer, Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Learning with music and movement from fingers to whole body! Finger plays develop rhythm of words (language development) while introducing new vocabulary, following directions and develop listening skills. Traditional and original finger-plays and action rhymes to use with your hands, puppets, felt and magnet boards and props that help your songs pop!

Music and Dance at the 3-R Ranch
Colleen Hannafin, Performer, Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Brian Schellinger, Performer, Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Come celebrate with a new collection of music that will explore the 3 R's of Reading: Rhythm, Rhyme and Repetition. Interactive workshop featuring songs with these patterns naturally built into them, examples include segmentation, consonant blends (alliteration) onomatopoeias and more. This will be presented through a singing, moving or dancing format, offering many different styles of music, to stimulate learning in all young minds and rich diversified interest.

Resiliency Training-Working in Your Classroom with Emotionally Healthy Children
Ruth Harris, Owner, Northwest Reading Clinic, Ltd.
This workshop will present insight, methods, materials, accommodations, and specific language that enhance self-concept and promote strategies thinking. Resiliency will be presented as a crucial element for emotionally healthy children and a healthy learning community.
(Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teachers, Administers)

Fluency is the Key: Unlocking Alternatives to Round Robin Reading in the Elementary Classroom
Emily Hines, Assistant Professor of Reading, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Because of deficiencies in reading fluency skills are identified as a specific learning disability (SLD) in Wisconsin, educators should have some tools to add to their reading tool box for fluency. During this session, educators will develop an understanding of alternative reading strategies to Round Robin Reading through research and example ideas which can be incorporated into the classroom.
(Primary, New Teachers)

Making Books with Tots
Madeline Huston, Adjunct Professor, Viterbo University
Hands on activities related to creating individual student books serve the dual purpose of developing fine motor skills while creating tools to foster development of early literacy skills. The primary focus of this workshop will be to create a variety of sample books from readily available materials, explore applications for early literacy reflecting the various WMELS, INTASC and NAEYC standards. Observation and assessment of student learning, cultural diversity and creative expression are central to this process. Ownership of books the children made "all by themselves" is a bonus.

Read it Again! - Supporting Literacy Development
Sharon Ivers, YoungStar Technical Consultant, Child Care Partnership
Becky Buck, YoungStar Technical Consultant, Child Care Partnership
Kristin Enos, Resource and Referral Specialist, Child Care Partnership
Join us as we explore how daily routines and interactions support the development of literacy competence and help build stronger relationships with the children we serve. Effective strategies for building literacy skills, including teaching book care will be shared.
(Infant/Toddler, Preschool)

Do You Want to Become a Cooperating Teacher for UW-Stout, We Want You Too!
Dr. Jill Klefstad, Associate Professor, Early Childhood Program Director, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Tracy DeRusha, Coordinator of Field Experiences, University of Wisconsin-Stout
As educators, we know that it takes a "village to raise a child". At the University of Wisconsin-Stout, the ECE faculty and staff recognizes that it takes a village to nurture teacher candidates to become outstanding professionals. The purpose of this session is to introduce UW-Stout's conceptual framework and assessment system to future cooperating teachers. Topics covered will include expectations of the student teaching triad: (student teacher - cooperating teacher - university supervisor) and current licensure requirements. This workshop satisfies DPI's requirement of training in the supervision of student teachers. A certificate of completion will be issued to all who attend.
(Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, Administrators)

The Best New Storybooks for Children
Kate Kramschuster, Educational Materials Center Librarian, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Explore the best new children's books published in 2014 and 2015! Attendees will learn about trends in children's literature publishing, how to choose developmentally appropriate books, and tips for reading aloud and sharing books with children. Best of all, time will be given for viewing and interacting with hundreds of new books from the UW-Stout library's Educational Materials Center collection.
(Infant/Toddler, Preschool)

Bringing Out the Best in Children-Principles of Positive Guidance
Chris Lace, YoungStar Technical Consultant, Child Care Partnership
Sandy Rutter, Training Specialist, Child Care Partnership
This workshop will introduce positive relationship - based guidance that produce healthy outcomes for children. Gain insight and self-awareness about how the teacher's words, actions and responses influence the behavior of children. Identify strategies for positive and effective discipline that will lead to successful interactions.
(Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teachers, Administrators)

Emotional Literacy: Helping Children Develop a "feelings" Vocabulary
Claire Lind, Professional Development Counselor, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
Do the children in your program struggle to express their feelings in appropriate and pro-social ways? In this session, you will learn about the role you play in helping children develop "emotional literacy". A number of strategies will be explored, including using children's literature to help children name and identify their feelings, and begin to build an understanding of how their actions impact the feelings of others. Some concepts from the Pyramid Model for Social-Emotional Competence will be shared.

Achieving Your Professional Development Goals
Claire Lind, Professional Development Counselor, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association
Professional development is a process of change and growth that will span your career.  It's about planning, setting goals, building skills, and making professional improvements.  Come to explore the many options available for your individual, professional growth, and learn about advancing your YoungStar rating through higher educational qualifications, financing your education with a T.E.A.C.H. scholarship, discovering how you could receive educational credit for knowledge you already have, and learning more about WECA's Professional Development Counseling Service.

Pre-Writing Skills for the Pre-K Classroom
Abby Linwood, 4K Teacher, St. Clare School
Ditch the paper and pencil! Forget about the worksheets! This session will show you TONS of awesome activities that will help your students build the fine motor skills needed to become strong writers. These activities are both easy to plan and easy on the budget. Many activities will be able to be implemented into your classroom right away on Monday morning.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

100 Creative Fine Motor Activities for $10
Abby Linwood, 4K Teacher, St. Clare School
It doesn't take tons of money to create activities in your classroom that help to improve fine motor skills. In fact, you can do it for around $10! This presentation will show you 100 (at least!') creative and exciting fine motor activities that can be used in your classroom Monday morning. You will learn how to revamp old activities or easily create new ones! Bring your camera and be ready to be surprised how much you can do with just a little!
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

Making Magic Happen with Teacher-Made Books
Jamie Lynch, Early Childhood Education Instructor, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
Learn how to design and create appropriate books that support and enhance your toddler curriculum. Many ideas will be presented to help you incorporate familiar experiences, people and environments into creative and meaningful literature designed specifically for your classroom. (Toddler, Preschool)

Cooking with Children
Maureen Lyons, Early Childhood Specialist/Trainer, Learning ZoneXpress
This hands-on session covers planning, preparing, safety and logistical realities of cooking with children. Using a variety of media sources, we will share positive and negative experiences to help child care providers incorporate cooking projects in their weekly activity schedule. Participants will receive recipes and ideas for how to start this process within their program right away as well as make some recipes before the session concludes.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

Garden Goodness - Farm to Table with a Child Care Focus
Maureen Lyons, Early Childhood Specialist/Trainer, Learning ZoneXpress
Growing your own goodies opens a world of possibilities to your menu planning. Aside from saving money on your grocery bill, it gives you an on-going activity to keep children engaged in learning about the world around them. Discover different types of gardening options: containers, raised beds, straw bales and traditional gardens. Incorporate science, health/nutrition and physical activity into a summer long project. Learn how experts in your community can help to support your efforts and provide resources along the way.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

Please Pass the Peas????
Maureen Lyons, Early Childhood Specialist/Trainer, Learning ZoneXpress
This discussion of the causes of picky eating brings an understanding of the negative good ideas that impact life-long eating patterns, obesity and overall health. Early childhood professionals have an important role during this window of opportunity. Learn strategies to improve acceptance of and willingness to try new foods. Find a variety of options for nutrition education and parental involvement in your program. Use these tools to reduce power struggles and pickiness while incorporating collaboration between home, school and/or child care with simple ideas you can use right way.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

Partnering with Families: Using Positive Guidance and Discipline Strategies to Build Bridges between Home and School
Maggie Machesky, Instructor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Meghan Wolf, Teacher Preschool, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Parents often discipline their children as they were disciplined. Many are looking for support and new ideas. Let's explore how we, as educators, can share classroom tested ideas on guidance with families, while helping them adapt and use those techniques as learning experiences in the home setting.
(Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary)

Live Healthy to be Happy
Diane Marshman, Early Childhood Educator for Toddlers, Anew Dimension Child
Audience participation guaranteed! Come and join in on a game show and learn while you participate. Learn to live healthy and find happiness.
(Infant/toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teachers, Administrators)

Advancing Science Learning: Teaching Elementary Life Science through Engineering Problems
Kevin Mason, Associate Professor of Science Education, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Elementary teachers in northwestern Wisconsin are learning how to use engineering problems to deepen their students' understanding of science concepts and practices. The Advancing Science Learning (ASL) project partnered 12 school districts in northwestern Wisconsin with faculty members from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. This presentation will share how teachers in the project effectively used engineering problems to teach life science concepts in the elementary classroom. The results of the grant evaluation will provide evidence for this integrated approach to teaching science and engineering.

A Mindful Approach to Self-care for Educators
Dr. Brian McAlister, Director, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Dr. Ann Brand, Associate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Facilitating a healthy learning environment for students starts by taking care of yourself. This session will introduce the concepts of mindfulness, review the research behind its effectiveness and provide opportunities to engage in mindful practices based in yoga and meditation that can be used at home, at work and in the classroom.
(Adults, New Teachers, Administrators)

The Musical Story Trail: Creative Learning through Literacy and Music
Fran McKinney, Songwriter and Author, Screen Porch Music
Participants will be active learners as they experience the use of music and books to explain their curriculum with creative play. "Story Trails" for fall, winter and spring/summer will be demonstrated using visuals, manipulatives, instruments and movement activities. Interactive play schemes will be practiced and explored by the large group, with opportunities to discover new ways of engaging and affirming all learners. This will be an active and interactive session with sharing of ideas as a welcomed by product.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

It Takes Attention to Create Change: The Brain, Behavior and Self Perception
Deborah McNelis, Founder, Brain Insights
The human brain is an amazing and complex organ that allows each of us to think, feel and act. Increase your knowledge about how brain development impacts behavior and learning and how attention to positive behaviors makes a difference. This presentation focuses on prevention and provides an easy to understand overview of the effects of trauma, stress, unpredictability and insecure attachment. Become inspired to do even more toward the healthy development of all young children.
(Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New teachers, Administrators)

Active Early Training
Michelle Messer, Quality Improvement Specialist, Child Care Partnership
Susan Dorn, Early Childhood Consultant, Child Care Partnership
Young children are taking in the world around them at a rapid speed. This presents the perfect opportunity for teaching healthy habits that will last a life time. That means getting children active and early - Active Early!
(Infant/toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teachers, Administrators)

Supporting Children and Families with Special Needs
Ruth Nyland, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
When families learn of a child's disability or differing ability level, they often feel that society has left them behind. This workshop will provide resources for the professional, as well as, the parents. Additionally, different strategies will be presented to provide empowerment to both parents and professionals.
(Adults, New Teachers, Administrators)

Preschool/4K Lab Tour
Maggie Olson Keenan, Instructional Specialist, Child and Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Angie Gilbertson, Instructional Specialist, Child and Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Come and meet the lab teachers and tour a developmentally appropriate setting for preschool and preschool-kindergarten children. Cameras welcome!
(Preschool, Kindergarten, New Teachers)

My Favorite Themes!
Maggie Olson Keenan, Instructional Specialist, Child and Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Angie Gilbertson, Instructional Specialist, Child and Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Bring your notepad and join Maggie Keenan and Angie Gilbertson, two highly creative Head Teachers in the Child and Family Study Center. Jot down their themes and ideas to make your classroom come alive! Many new ideas added!
(Preschool, Kindergarten, New Teachers)

4K Thematic Centers
Amber Osterman, Kindergarten Teacher, Osseo-Fairchild School District
LuAnn Neuenschwander, Kindergarten Teacher, Gillett School District
Integrate fun into your curriculum! Explore engaging, meaningful four-year-old kindergarten centers for teaching math, reading, and writing in a whole new way. Amber and LuAnn share a variety of classroom-tested projects and activities that you can use in your kindergarten classroom right away. See how much fun learning centers can be!
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

TpT & TN. . Know It? Use It, Love It!
Amber Osterman, Kindergarten Teacher, Osseo-Fairchild School District
LuAnn Neuenschwander, Kindergarten Teacher, Gillett School District
New to Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook? This session is for you! Amber and LuAnn share basic tips and tricks that will quickly turn these TpT and TN shops into your most powerful classroom resource. Your confidence will build as you learn how to navigate these shops and get the most out of it to bring teacher goodies to your kiddos. There are a lot of FREEBIES waiting just for you. Bring your questions and Amber and LuAnn will answer them!
(Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary)

What Goes on in That Little Brain
Phyllis Porter, M.A., Master Trainer, Educarer, Inc.
All infant/toddler caregivers need to know how they can promote healthy brain development. There's a lot of misinformation presented in the media. This class clears that up and presents appropriate methods for adults to use with children.

Freedom of Movement
Phyllis Porter, M.A., Master Trainer, Educarer, Inc.
Participants will be able to observe the benefits of movement to infants. The latest research will be discussed. This is an alternative to "tummy time".

Circletime and Beyond for Two and Three Year Olds
Kathy Preusse, Early Childhood Education Instructor, Chippewa Valley Technical College
Learn how to invite, delight, and ignite toddler circle times while enhancing language and early literacy through the use of toddler appropriate books, songs, finger plays, and props. Come and learn as Kathy will show you how to implement circle times that contain motivational strategies as well as extension activities that span all areas of the curriculum.
(Infant/toddler, Preschool)

Using Social Narratives and Visual Cues to Teach Self-Regulation and Social Skills
Katie Scheufeli, ECSE Teacher, Social Success
Becky Gamache, 4K Teacher, Social Success
Many young children struggle with social skills, routines, and following directions. Using social narratives and visual cues can help children make the connection between what you are saying and the expectations you have from them. All children benefit from extra support with peer relationships, managing feelings and participating in activities. Participants will leave this session with the tools needed for teaching social skills and fostering self-regulation that enable children to be socially and emotionally successful.
(Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary)

Circle Time and Center Activities for Preschoolers (2 1/2 - 5 years)
Wendy Sessler, Owner, Color "R" World, LLC
Shell Sturgis, Owner, Color "R" World, LLC
Back by popular demand - our make-n-take workshop! We will begin with a short presentation of some fresh, new CRW activities that are sure to grab the attention of your preschoolers. Next, we'll show examples of a few new poster board activities covering various themes and academic concepts. Finally, participants will be provided with all supplies needed to create the activities best suited for their preschoolers. Feel free to bring your own supplies if you prefer and take a photo of our samples if you need to finish up at home.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

Inquiry Based Lesson Plans
Jody Shong, Teacher – 2nd Grade, Eau Claire Area School District
This presentation is based on integrated inquiry based lesson plans for students. As a teacher, I have struggled with the small amount of time given to science and social studies during the average school day. I have been developing a science lesson that crosses over academic disciplines while incorporating the benefits to students while discovering science. This presentation will begin with my lesson on the life cycle of a frog and the ways with which I have incorporated math and reading and end with the presentation participant getting into small groups and creating lesson plans for other animals indigenous to Wisconsin.
(Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary)

Shake, Rattle and Roll
Sue Smith, Infant Teacher, Especially for Children
Candy Peck, Infant and Toddler Teacher, Little Learners Preschool
We will demonstrate how toys and activities made from simple household items promote children's development through creativity and exploration. This how-to seminar covers more than 35 toys and activities teachers can do with infants, toddlers and young preschoolers.
(Infant/Toddler, Preschool)

Movement Anchors Learning!
Cheryl Smythe, MLRC Director, A Chance to Grow
Jessica McFarland, MLRC Assistant Director, A Chance to Grow
Educators will learn the physiological and neurological basis for "Movement Anchors Learning". They will experience activities to integrate immediately in their classrooms to enhance attentiveness, learning and retention through purposeful movement, allowing for brain and body maturing. We empower teachers to effectively use movement to improve behavior and attention, increase learning readiness and anchor the learning they expect children to master. Participants will understand how brain development and readiness skills directly impact children's success or struggles with living and learning. This workshop will change how teachers think about children and learning readiness and understand how important movement is in learning.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Provider
Meghan Solberg, CAC Manager, Child Care Partnership
Becca Elbert, Budget Analyst, Child Care Partnership
Learn how to implement the "Ten Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care Centers" to your program. Foundations for healthy eating start at birth. Breastfeeding can provide long lasting health benefits for babies and their moms and greatly impacts your child care program and the community!

Instilling Character Traits in Young Children
Carrie Speikers, Owner, Treasured Learners, LLC
Manners, cooperation, thoughtfulness, caring and more! Helping children to recognize positive character traits and how to use manners and respectful behaviors to be a positive citizen within your child care, at home and within the community.
(Kindergarten, Primary)

Creating Your Bag of Tricks
Carrie Speikers, Owner, Treasured Learners, LLC
You have planned your day, have activities prepped and ready to go and a daily schedule that keeps the children you care for engaged. Bad weather, challenging behaviors, feeling unwell, etc. Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. Let's work together to create a "Bag of Tricks" or ideas that you can use to bring your group together and get back on track. We will also discuss daily schedules, transition times and other challenges that you need to think about and prepare for.
(Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teachers)

We're all in This Together - Engaging Family Support
Kari Stroede, Executive Director, Family Resource Center
Our motto at the Family Resource Center is that "Children don't come with instructions". We also believe strongly that parents/guardians are the first and primary teachers of their children. Join this session to learn how to engage family support in your classroom and program. Come away with a least three ideas!
(Adults, New Teachers, Administrators)

Teaching with Your Strengths
Rachel Stuart, Instructional Specialist, Child and Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Everyone wins when teachers use their strengths - teachers themselves, children, parents and colleagues. You, too, can be a winner! Come and learn tips and strategies for increasing your effectiveness and self-satisfaction.
(Adults, New Teachers)

Making Books with Kids!
Jeanne Styczinski, Kindergarten Teacher, School District of Menomonie
and Author/Illustrator, JeanneKay Publishing
Making books with kids is sooooo much fun. Jeanne will share with you the joys of writing and illustrating books with children. Learn new ideas of how to set-up your classroom to promote successful writing and illustrating for all students. You will leave with many creative book making ideas that you and your students will love. Come join the fun!
(Preschool, Kindergarten, New Teachers)

Everyone in the Circle: Understanding Diversity in a Pre/K Classroom
Sapna Thapa, Assistant Professor
This session will highlight the different kinds of diversity present in a Pre/K classroom besides cultural, linguistic and/or racial diversity. It will encourage participants to engage in critical thought and dialogue regarding diversity through hands on activities during the session. The session will also provide participants with techniques and strategies to include all children with reference to 'whole brain teaching' and aspects of the universal design for learning in Pre/K.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

Leaping Into Literacy and Developing Kid Friendly Math Centers
Julie Torkelson, Retired Early Childhood Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools
Find new ways to develop literacy. We will be using music and movement to reinforce readiness skills. Learn how to enhance literacy through literature and flannel board activities. Discover how to boost your children's basic skills with easy to implement activities that build independent learners.
(Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, New Teachers)

Transitioning to Kindergarten Inner Tool Kit
Tracy Uttley, Author
Author Tracy Uttley poignantly discusses the powerful themes that children deal with starting kindergarten. Discover how encouraging children to overcome their fears helps them to step out of their comfort zone and view things that are new or different as adventures or opportunities rather than something scary. In this session you will learn four practical and easy-to-use tools that help build children's inner strength to succeed in any situation.
(Preschool, Kindergarten)

Learning through Literacy: Books that Engage a Child's Mind
Becky Weber, Teacher, Bright Horizons
Do your children love to read books? Not sure how to incorporate books into your lesson plan? Then come and join us in this hands-on presentation as we discover books with learning activities that cover the building blocks of a child's development. Active participation will help you choose the appropriate books that will engage your child's need for learning.
(Infant/Toddler, Preschool)

Here we are Together: Gathering Times for the Very Young
Marcia Wolf, Senior Instructional Specialist, Child and Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Come and discover how to make the itsy bitsy spider and other childhood favorites innovative and exciting for the very young.

Infant Lab Tour
Marcia Wolf, Senior Instructional Specialist, Child and Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Allison Feller, Instructional Specialist
Child and Family Study Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Rachael Stuart, Instructional Specialist
Child and Family Study Center, University of W Wisconsin-Stout
Join us for a tour of the UW-Stout Infant and Toddler Lab. There will be a short information session and then the rooms will be open for exploring and picture taking. The head teachers will be available to answer any questions.

Building Effective Strategies for Children with Challenging Behaviors
Eileen Ziesler, Early Childhood Consultant and Author, Toad House Publishing
This workshop will focus on proactive strategies designed to work with the brain of the child in the early childhood years. The values of both proactive and reactive
 strategies will be explored. Audience's participation is requested.
(Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten)

Publishing Options for your Children's Picture Book
Eileen Ziesler, Early Childhood Consultant and Author, Toad House Publishing
Once upon a time, 30 years ago, there was a poem. A book grew out of that poem and a small publishing company, Toad House Publishing. Eileen Ziesler has now published four children's picture books, a novel, and is working on additional books, dabbling also in e-books. Come AND learn various strategies for bringing your stories into print in this entertaining look at becoming a published author.
(Infant/Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten)

Media and Technology: The Impact on the Lives of Infants and Toddlers
Karen Zimmerman, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Stout
What researchers have learned about infants and toddlers related to television, screen time and touch screens will be shared. The effects of electronic media will be examined including the effects on toddler language development. Recent findings on the media environments and television viewing diets of infants and toddlers and their parents' views on this will be addressed. Come join us and share your insights and observations about media and technology for young children.


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