Drug Facilitated Rape

What is drug facilitated rape?

  • Drug facilitated rape most commonly occurs when the drug is slipped into a person's drink. The victim may exhibit signs of confusion, memory loss, dizziness, drowsiness, impaired motor shills, impaired judgment, reduced inhibition, slurred speech or a variety of other symptoms.
  • The three types of drugs used are GHB, Rohypnol, and Ketamine.
  • UW-Stout encourages victims of sexual assault to report the crime to the University Police or the Menomonie Police Dept. as soon as possible to preserve any evidence which may be necessary in a criminal case.

Types of Drugs used


GHB causes deep, unarousable and uncontrollable sleep. There are documents cases in Florida, Texas, Maryland, Louisiana and California of individuals using GHB to commit sexual assault. GHB is usually in liquid form and is mixed in juice, alcohol or other liquids. It is usually clear, though some add food coloring to hide its identity.

How to tell if someone is on GHB:

  • It has an almost immediate intoxicating effect. It reduces inhibitions and some users claim that it stimulates sexual-oriented behavior and sexual arousal. It has a synergistic (greater) effect with alcohol and other depressants. Thus, most of the GHB-related deaths have involved the combination of GHB and other substances.
  • Adverse effects of GHB: Dizziness, confusion, stupor, reduced heart rate, coma, death


  • Rohypnol is a scheduled IV controlled substance. It is also known as La Roche, Roofies, Rib, and Rope. This drug is popular with fraternities. It is taken with alcohol to enhance the buzz.
  • Effects of Rohypnol: Dizziness, nausea, headache, long period of sleep, memory loss, and lightheadedness


Anesthetic used mainly by veterinarians. It is a powder form and is snorted, smoked or dissolved in liquid; liquid form is injected or ingested orally.

Signs that you may have been drugged:

  • If you remember taking a drink, but cannot recall what happened for a period of time after you consumed the drink.
  • If you feel as though someone has had sex with you, but you cannot remember any of the incident.
  • If you feel a lot more intoxicated than your usual response to the amount of alcohol you consumed.
  • If you wake up very hung over, feeling "fuzzy," experiencing memory lapse and can't account for a period of time.



Emergency Telephone Numbers

University Police..........9-911 (EMERGENCY)
                                 232-2222 (non-emergency)