Bicycles on Campus

Important Information  

When bicycles are brought to the UW-Stout Campus it is imperative that the following rules and regulations are followed:

  • Bicycles are not allowed to be parked or stored in university buildings, on sidewalks or driveways, or in motor vehicle parking spaces.
  • Bicycles are not allowed to be tied, chained, cable-locked, etc., to anything other than a designated bike rack.
  • Bicycles shall be parked and locked in a designated bike rack so as not to obstruct free passage of vehicles and pedestrians.

Safety and security of your bicycle is very important. When bringing your bicycle to campus, please be sure to record the serial number of your bicycle and keep that information in a safe place. 

City of Menomonie ordinaces require that residents register bicycles. Bicycle registrations and stickers are available at the UW-Stout Police Department. Sutdents and Staff may register the bikes at no cost.  To register your bicycle bring it along UW-Stout P.D.  Bicycle thefts occur on campus and off campus throughout the year bicycle registration is one of the best ways to recover your bike if it misplaced or stolen. If your bicycle is stolen, please contact the law enforcement agency where the bike was taken from. You will be asked for the serial number and value of the bicycle for the police report.