News Media

News relations related to police matters

All news releases and interviews are coordinated through the Office of University Communications. We work closely with that office in making the department available to you when requested. Case facts may not be released if police have information that the release could jeopardize an investigation. 

During larger scale critical incidents, you will receive directions as to the location of a media center. This location will allow you access to press conferences, but also provides the university to maintain safety and security of a scene.

UW-Stout Police in the news

Would include links to stories involving members of our agency.

University Police Blotter

The police blotter lists all incidents/calls for service for the UW-Stout Police Department. Active view will provide you with current week's listings. Lower sections of the page will give you past incidents within our current calendar year. Archived past calendar years are also available. 

Parking on campus to cover activities

We understand that you are limited on notification to campus when arriving to cover an event. With that, though, your vehicle will be required to park in a legal parking space and not allowed to park in fire lanes. For more detailed information on activities parking information.

Alerts and Crime Notices

There are no active alerts

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