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StoutAlert emergency communications is different from a Timely Notice. The campus-wide emergency communications will be sent to campus during a critical incident to give you short, succinct directions regarding responding to the crisis. For more information, click here.

Alerts and Crime Notices

Phone Scam
Thursday, November 6
A Stout student reported receiving a call on her cell from our Univ. Police phone line of 715-232-2222. The caller told the victim that he was going to send police to arrest the victim for unpaid taxes unless he/she paid them immediately. They asked the victim questions about bank accounts. Specific account numbers were not given to the caller. There isn't ANY police agency that will require you to provide bank or credit cards to pay a fine or taxes over the phone. We will not call you and threaten to arrest you if you do not pay immediately. If you receive a call such as this, hang up. If the calls continue, If you are on campus: contact UW Stout Police at 715-232-2222 Ext. #1 and ask to talk to a Stout officer to file a complaint. If you are off campus, contact you local police agency.

University Police Department

Patrol Officers are on campus at all times

24 hour police line:
715-232-2222ext. 1

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110 University Services Building

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