Sexual Assault Information

 The crime of sexual assault, or rape as it is more commonly referred, is one of the most violent and least reported crimes in the United States.

  • Sexual assault is a crime that robs victims of their internal safety and trust.
  • Statistics indicated that fewer than 20% of sexual assaults are reported to the police.
  • Being forced into having sex, even if it's by someone you know is assault, and it's a crime. Sexual contact means any intentional touching of the intimate parts of another, clothed or unclothed, without consent.
  • This is a crime that crosses all socioeconomic, racial, gender and age barriers. Men, women, and children are all at risk of being sexually assaulted.
  • Acquaintance Rape is when one is forced to have sex against their will by someone they know.
  • Sexual assault of men may be the most under reported crimes in the country. One reason for this is that American males resist the notion that they are susceptible to being victimized. 
  • Nothing you do, say, or wear gives a person the right to assault you- sexually or otherwise.
  • UW-Stout encourages victims of sexual assault to report the crime to the University Police or the Menomonie Police Dept. as soon as possible to preserve any evidence, which may be necessary in a criminal case.
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