Active Shooter Information

The City of Houston received funding from Homeland Security to create a safety video to be released to address workplace shootings. Their video is called "Run, Hide, Fight". This video provides good insight and information for anyone in any situation. Please understand that there are gunshots in this video. If you are watching it at work, you may want to tell your co-workers that you are watching a training video. 

Most UW-Stout students have participated in active shooter training while attending middle and/or high school. These trainings were to direct the students to hide within their classrooms and listen to their teachers. This is not the case once you arrive at college. You need to become familiar with the buildings that you attend class and understand that a mass casualty shooter is just that. The shooter is attempting to affect a high number of people. Your first goal is to get out. University of Wisconsin - Madison Police Department created an active shooter training video. Although you hear from Chief Riseling from UWPD, the information is pertinent to ANY college classroom setting.

Print this Pocket Guide from the Department of Homeland Security as an quick reference.