Fleet Reservation

Online Fleet Vehicle Request/Reservation

This form must be completed, routed for approval, and submitted to the Fleet Office for reservation.  Your reservation is not approved until you receive a completed form via ImageNow.  The Fleet Vehicle Request/Reservation must be completed and approved prior to picking up a vehicle from the Fleet Office.

Only one form is needed if fleet is the only charge, all travelers are from the same department with the same supervisor, and the expense is to be charged to only one account.  Multiple individuals traveling together in a single vehicle should all be listed on this form.  An additional Fleet Vehicle Request/Reservation form must be submitted for each fleet vehicle requested.

Please bring two copies of the form when picking up key packet(s).

    • Present one copy and sign for the keys on the Fleet Vehicle Request/Reservation form.
    • Take the second copy with you (to record your mileage) along with the key packet.
    • Immediately upon return, bring the key packet including key, fuel card, fuel receipts, and the traveler's copy (with recorded mileage) to the Fleet Office or place in the fleet drop box (next to fleet garage door) if returning after business hours.  For more information contact the Fleet Office (x1123).
Please note: Each driver must have a completed Driver Authorization & Vehicle Use Agreement on file with Safety & Risk Management Services prior to traveling.  For more information please contact Safety & Risk Management Services (x1793).

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