Faculty and Staff


Name Title Office
Dr. Alan Scott Professor of Physics 126B
Dr. Laura McCullough Professor of Physics126C
Dr. Hopp Professor of Physics
Dr. Patterson Assoc. Professor of Physics 126D
Dr. Kuchta Assoc. Professor of Geology 126F
Dr. Zimmerman Asst. Professor of Physics 126A
Dr. Sinkovits Asst. Professor of Physics 126G


Name Title Office Hours
Dr. Leckenby Physics Instructor 123F JSW full time
Ms. McRoberts Department Assistant 123A JSW M-R PM
Ms. Wolf Department Associate 331A JSW MTRF
Ms. Becky Basina Physics Lab Manager 118 JSW full time

Emeritus Faculty

John Rompala
Jim Pejsa
Mark Larchez
Bob Foley