Policies from various sources provide structure for those who work or study at UW-Stout. They help ensure that decisions and transactions are made in uniform and authorized ways. Policies communicate the position the university must follow on an issue and provide the authority needed to ensure compliance.

UW-Stout is governed by policies developed at several levels. They include federal law, Wisconsin Statutes and Administrative Code, Board of Regents' and UW System Administration policies, and policies developed at UW-Stout. To comply with a federal, state, System, or campus policy, UW-Stout develops administrative procedures to implement the policy.

Several frequently used policy sources are listed below, along with the UW-Stout office that serves as the primary contact for each. Documents available on the Internet are underlined and can be accessed by clicking on the title. Copies of other policies are available at the UW-Stout University Library and at the Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality office.

Title of Policy Series Source UW-Stout Contact
Chapter 36, Wisconsin Statutes Wisconsin Legislature University Communications
Rules of Board of Regents, Wisconsin Administrative Code Board of Regents
Chancellor's Office ASLS
Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System Policy Documents
Board of Regents Chancellor's Office ASLS
Academic Information Series (ACIS)
UW System
Academic and Student Affairs (ASA)
Academic Planning Statements (ACPS)
UW System ASA
Financial and Administrative Policies (FAP) UW System
Risk Management Policy and Procedure Manual UW System
Safety & Risk Management
Unclassified Personnel Guidelines (UPG)
UW System Human Resources
 UW-Stout Policies UW-Stout
Planning, Assessment, Research & Quality

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