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FOCUS 2020 Goals and Performance Indicators

Two subcommittees of the Strategic Planning Group (SPG) have been working on revisions to the FOCUS 2020 goal statements and performance indicators based on feedback from the campus.  The FOCUS 2020 goal development subcommittee has submitted their recommendations, which can be found on the Information Portal.  The goals and performance indicators will be shared with the campus in draft form at the You Said…We Did presentation, from 9:00-9:45 AM on January 20 in the Great Hall, and they will be voted on by the Strategic Planning Group on February 16. The Performance Indicator subcommittee will be holding an open forum on January 21, 8:30-9:30 AM in the MSC-Northwoods room to solicit additional feedback on the proposed indicators.

2013-14 UW-Stout Fact Book

The 2013-14 UW-Stout Fact Book is available on the Institutional Research page of the Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality Office. Also, the "current data" fact book has been updated with fall 2014 enrollment/staff information that is available at this time. The book provides a wealth of official data and is divided into five main sections: overview; student data; faculty and staff data; financial data; support services.  Individuals are encouraged to use the book as a reference and guide to make data-driven decisions.

2013-14 Year-End Budget Review

The 2013-14 Year-End Budget Review is now available on the Information Portal.  The Budget Review is intended to provide the campus with open, timely, relevant and comprehensive information on budget and expenditure trends, special project and reserve allocations, enrollment and tuition revenue, auxiliary operations reports and comparative data from UW System comprehensive universities.

You Said…We Did

All faculty, staff and students are invited to attend the You Said...We Did presentation on January 20 at 8:30 am, immediately following the Chancellor's welcome, in the Great Hall of the student center.  This celebratory event will include a presentation on actions that have been taken, and actions that are in progress, based on feedback from faculty, staff and students at the engagement sessions.  This year's presentation will include a specific focus in the areas of applied research, student engagement, and diversity.  The presentation will also include an updated version of the proposed FOCUS 2020 goals and performance indicators.  This event is an opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments, and to thank the many groups and individuals who helped make these initiatives possible.

2013-14 Planning Accomplishments

The 2013-14 Planning Accomplishments report is now available on the Information Portal. The 4 page year-end report provides a summary of budget and financial data, planning accomplishments and performance data for UW-Stout. The report includes a brief overview of expenditures, Focus 2015, UW-Stout Action Plans, enrollment and tuition revenue, and performance data such as placement rates and success and progress rates.

UW-Stout's College Portrait

UW-Stout's College Portrait has been updated for 2014-2015. The College Portrait is part of the Voluntary System of Accountability, a voluntary initiative by 4-year public universities to communicate basic, comparable information on the undergraduate student experience through a common web report. The website is designed to be a tool for prospective students and their families during the college search process as well as a resource for high school guidance counselors, community college advisors, and state policy-makers. For questions contact Susan Greene.

Scheduled accreditation visit

UW-Stout will receive a visit from the Higher Learning Commission on March 28-29, 2016.  The visit is a standard part of the 10-year accreditation cycle for all institutions.  In preparation for this visit, UW-Stout must prepare an assurance argument, demonstrating how it complies with the criteria for accreditation, and a Federal Compliance packet, addressing information on the assignment of credits, the student complaint process, practices for verifying student identity, Title IV program responsibilities, advertising and recruitment materials, and student outcome data.  Additional information about the visit will be shared as it becomes available.

Higher Learning Commission Quality Initiative

As part of the requirements for accreditation, UW-Stout submits a "Quality Initiative" to the Higher Learning Commission.  The Quality Initiative takes place between years 5 and 9 of the accreditation cycle and is intended to allow institutions to take risks, aim high, and learn from partial successes or failures.  UW-Stout's Current Quality Initiative is about developing systems and processes for continuing to increase the quality of the faculty and staff.  It focuses primarily on addressing gaps in competitive compensation, growing the infrastructure for advancing the research enterprise, and improving campus climate and job engagement.  Progress on this initiative is reviewed by the Strategic Planning Group as part of the planning process.  UW-Stout will be required to submit a progress report on this initiative in August 2015.

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