Health Insurance and Health Services

Health Insurance

The university requires mandatory health insurance for all international students during the time they are students at UW-Stout. The university health insurance is listed on your billing statement.

Medical Insurance Information

If you are enrolled in a pre-approved insurance program, you will be exempt from UW-Stout's health insurance fees.  Only students with insurance through one of the following programs are approved for exemption:

  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • Libyan North American Scholarship
  • Royal Thai Embassy (OEA)
  • University of Southampton
  • Higher Committee for Education in Iraq (HCED)
  • Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission (SACM)
  • Malaysian Government (Public Service Department/JPA only)
  • KAUST Gifted Student Program
  • Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (HELFO)
  • Student Scholarship Program (SSP)

To avoid being charged the university health insurance, you must provide evidence (insurance card or financial guarantee letter) by the 10th day of class.

Health Services

The university's Student Health Services provides out-patient health care for students and only for the period of actual enrollment. Care is not provided for spouses and other dependents. No university health care is available during the summer months. All other health care needs must be met through private health care providers.