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» Arriving at UW-Stout and Laptop Information

How do I get to Menomonie?
From the Minneapolis Airport you can take the Chippewa Valley Airport Service. This shuttle service will bring you to Country Inn and Suites in Menomonie.

After I arrive at Country Inn and Suites, how do I get to the campus?
Please complete the arrival information form before you arrive so we can have a staff person assist you upon your arrival.  In order to receive transportation from Country Inn & Suites to UW-Stout, you will need to arrive on one of the dates specified above. If you do not arrive on one of these dates, you will need to make your own arrangements (housing and transportation) until the two specified arrival dates. Transportation can be arranged by contacting the local taxi service: Town and Country Taxi Service, 715/309-9619.

If you arrive to Menomonie after 5 p.m., you will need to arrange overnight accommodations at Country Inn & Suites or Super 8 motel. Transportation will be provided to campus, the following day, at 10:30 a.m.

When do I need to arrive in Menomonie?
You need to arrive one day before the International Student Orientation. Please visit our arrival and orientation page for additional information.

Do I have to participate in the International Student Orientation?
Yes, all new international degree-seeking and exchange students are required to attend the International Student Orientation.

Do I need to bring my laptop?

Undergraduates should not bring their laptops because one will be provided for them. Graduate students will not be provided with a laptop so they can bring their own or purchase one in the United States.

How do I activate my UW-Stout email account?
Activate your UW-Stout email account.You will need your Student ID number. It is listed on the top of your acceptance letter. Please email if you still can not locate it.

How can I contact home?
By using a computer in UW-Stout's library or Menomonie’s public library.

» Registration, Tuition and Billing, and Verification of Enrollment

When do I register for my classes?
F1 students will register for your classes during orientation week. J1 students should complete the registration assistance form.

If I have a question regarding tuition and fees where should I go?
Student Business Services, located on the first floor of the Administration Office.

I need to pay my tuition; where and how can I pay for it?
UW-Stout has partnered with peerTransfer to offer an innovative and streamlined way to transfer international tuition payments. The mission of peerTransfer is to save international students and their families money that would otherwise be lost on bank fees and unfavorable foreign exchange rates. With peerTransfer, you are offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money, as compared to traditional banks. In addition, posting of the payment into your
UW-Stout account will be faster, and you will be notified via e-mail when it is received.

Click or go to: to begin the payment process. Additional options include pyaing by personal check, cashier's check, cash, or credit card.

How do I get a verification of enrollment letter?
Enrollment verifications are available via AccessStout.

» Housing

Who do I talk to if I have a question about my housing assignment?

Dawn Uetz, the Program Associate in the University Housing office. Her email is

Do I need to bring my own bedding?

Yes, you will have to provide your own bedding. You can purchase bedding after you have arrived to Menomonie or you can purchase in advance online. If you would like to purchase online, please have it delivered to the Office of International Education. The deadline for purchasing online is 3 weeks before the arrival day.

I do not want to live on campus, what are my options?

There are houses and apartments available for renting to college students throughout Menomonie. The Office of International Education or current international students may be able to help you find housing off-campus. For off campus housing listing, please visit the following links:

Freshmen and sophomores are required to live on-campus unless they meet the exemption requirements.


» Student Health Insurance

Does the University offer health insurance?

Yes. International students are automatically enrolled for the international student health insurance.

Graduate Assistantships: Students must work 13-20 hours in order to qualify for exemption from the international student health insurance. These students must complete the Medical Insurance Certification Form in our office.

Is dental coverage included in the health insurance?
No, dental coverage is not included in the health insurance policy.

What if I need a dentist? How can my costs be covered?
The Office of International Education can refer you to a dentist. We recommend you check out as many as possible so that you know the different costs from each dentist. More than likely you will have to pay all dental costs out of pocket.

Where can I go if I am feeling ill?
Students can go to the Student Health Services, located at 103 First Avenue West, across from Wigen Hall, on the north campus. Note: Student Health Services requires students to make an appointment.

What are the hours of operation for Health Services?
Please refer to the make an appointment section of the Student Health Services website for the most accurate information.

Is the Health Services office open during holiday (winter) break?
No. If you become ill during the holiday break you should go to the Red Cedar Medical Center, Marshfield Clinic, or any other health care provider of your choice in the Chippewa Valley Area (Menomonie, Eau Claire, or Chippewa Falls).

What if I have to see a doctor or have an emergency after hours; what numbers can I call?

  • Red Cedar Medical Center, 715-235-9671
  • Marshfield Clinic, 715-233-6400
  • Emergencies, call 911

What if I want to go to the hospital instead of the Student Health Services?
You are free to choose where you would like to go, but if you go straight to the Red Cedar Medical Center or any other hospital in the Menomonie/Eau Claire area you will be responsible for the $25 co-pay. It is advised that you go to the Student Health Services first and then if you have to go to Red Cedar Medical Center for further treatment the $25 co-pay is waived. The $25 co-pay is also waived if the Student Health Services is closed.

What services are not offered at Student Health Services?
Chest X-rays. If a student is referred to the Red Cedar Medical Center for chest x-rays insurance will cover the cost for this, but if the student is not referred the x-rays are not covered by the insurance.

» Student Employment

Can I work on campus? If so, how many hours?
International students cannot work more than 20 hours per week on-campus. You may work full-time on-campus during holiday break and summer.

International students on an F-1 visa can work LTE because the job is on-campus. They are limited to 20 hours/week per academic year and 40 hours/week during the summer as long as they are not taking summer classes.

Can I work off campus?

International students cannot work off campus. An exception to this rule is if a student faces economic hardship. The student will need to set up an appointment with an International Student Advisor to complete the necessary paperwork. Additional information can be found on our employment page.

» Graduating

I have graduated and am going back to my home country. Is there anything I need to do with the Office of International Education?
Please schedule an appointment with your International Student Advisor for an exit interview. Please bring a completed Exit Interview questionnaire with you to your appointment.

» Activities

What is there to do in Menomonie?
Visit the Chamber of Commerce for upcoming events and activities in the community. Our Admissions Office offers some suggestions on their "The Real Deal" page as well.

What is there to do on campus?

There's a lot to do. You can: