Hosting a visiting scholar can be a rewarding experience for departments, faculty/staff, and students.

Scholar bring such opportunities as:

    • International perspectives on topics of mutual interest
    • Opportunities to internationalize the curriculum
    • Potential to develop opportunities for study abroad or staff exchanges

The hosting department, Office of International Education (OIE), and the visiting scholar each have a unique role before and during the scholars stay.  Some of the responsibilities include:

The hosting department usually:

    • Provides office space
    • Supplies office resources including a desk, computer, internet access, telephone, and other reasonable supplies
    • Assists with finding housing (ultimately, it is up to the visiting scholar to secure their own housing)
    • Faculty mentor who will meet with regularly with the scholar

The Office of International Education usually:

    • Works with host faculty and departments throughout the process
    • Partners with the Chancellor's office to issue official invitation letter
    • Issues necessary immigration documents and advises on immigration matters
    • Share local cultural opportunities
    • Connects scholar with friendship family

The visiting scholar usually:

    • Has access to all university for resources and facilities
    • Actively participate research and/or teaching activities
    • Follow all rules and regulations set by the University of Wisconsin - Stout
    • Pays living expenses (housing, meals, transportation)
    • Shows proof of insurance which meets US State department requirements or purchace university health insurance (current estimate: $552 per semester)
For steps to invite a visiting scholar, please click here