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Tamara Brantmeier uses various critcal thinking strategies to help students create their own meanings. 

Tamara Brantmeier

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Tamara Brantmeier teaches in the Department of Art and Design at UW-Stout. Brantmeier teaches painting and drawing at multiple levels. One of her favorite courses is Drawing1.

Tamara Brantmeier likes to use her own methods to help students “get it” or understand the concept of drawing or painting. For instance, she helps students “create connections” between contemporary art practice and practices used in various historical periods. As students create their own connections between, say, a contemporary painting and a Renaissance painting, they grasp the concepts that underlie the practice. The students “get it” in their own way.

Tamara uses other methods to cause students to create their own meanings. When a student asks a question, Tamara likes to turn the question back on the student, asking them to find the answer. As a result, the students will comprehend and understand what they are asking. This method allows the students to become better researchers because they are encouraged to find the answer to the question. Using this teaching strategy is one of Brantmeier’s favorite ways of showing students how wise they really are.

Recently, Brantmeier has developed new methods of utilizing the students’ sketch book, an item all her students use. Students are expected to record in this sketchbook the research and the process that goes into creating a work of art. Tamara shows examples of historical sketchbooks and contemporary sketchbooks, encouraging students to find the best method of documentation for their unique creative process.

During Spring 2009, Brantmeier will present two papers at national conventions. Tamara’s innovative and successful teaching strategies allow students to create amazing art of their own.