Renee Howarton

Director's Welcome

Whether this is your first time to explore the NTLC website or you are a frequent visitor, we are thrilled to have you check out the exciting programs, activities and events that we offer. You are also invited to visit the Center, located at 303F Administration Building, and to peruse our library of teaching and learning resources that we are always willing to loan out. In addition, we offer meeting spaces for NTLC related activities and discussions. The Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center is a source for inspiration, resources, and lots of friendly faces. We invite you to visit us soon. - Renee Howarton

Millie Kotulek 

Program Assistant

Millie Kotulek can help get you started with all that the Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center (NTLC) has to offer. If you desire to sign up for one of our programs, Millie will assist you with applications, room arrangements, checking out resources, answering questions, scheduling events, and problem-solving. She also has a knack for making our participants feel very comfortable and appreciated. Therefore, if you want to learn more and get involved with NTLC, please contact Millie.