Students become targets for water balloons to help ROTC ball

December 1, 2017

Kolt Knutson takes a hit by a water balloon during a Nov. 30 fundraiser for the ROTC Military Ball.

UW-Stout student Kolt Knutson winced a bit as water balloons hit him Thursday, Nov. 30, on the lawn of the Memorial Student Center.

Knutson, of Sturgeon Bay, dressed in shorts and without a shirt, said getting splashed with the water from the breaking balloons wasn’t so bad given the temperatures were in the mid-40s.

“It’s kind of eye opening and it’s a rush,” Knutson said, breaking into a smile. “It’s cold, but my heart is very warm.”

Knutson and fellow student Josiah Bell, of Rochester, Minn., offered themselves up to have water balloons thrown at them to raise money for the ROTC Military Ball. The ball is scheduled for 5 p.m. Friday, Dec. 8, at the Memorial Student Center. It celebrates the achievements of cadets. Alumni are invited.

Balloons were three for $1. Military personnel were allowed one throw free. The Freezin for Freedom fundraiser was sponsored by the Military Science Club.

“We wanted to think up something that would suck, yet be really fun for the other person throwing the water balloon,” said Knutson, a junior majoring in engineering technology. “We came up with the idea of having water balloons thrown at us on a cold day.”

Water balloons were easy to clean up, and the supplies needed were minimal, allowing for more of the money raised to go the Military Ball, Knutson said.

Eliana Fergus, a freshman graphic design and interactive media major, threw a water balloon at Knutson. “It was exhilarating,” she said, laughing. “I wouldn’t have wanted to stand out there without a shirt. That was pretty brave of him. It definitely got us to come and see what was going on.”

Maija Scherer, a freshman graphics design major, said she enjoyed throwing the water balloon at Knutson. “It was stress-relieving,” she said.

Junior psychology major Tayler Banitt said throwing a water balloon at someone on a cold day was definitely a different activity. “They were hard to pop,” she said, after throwing a green balloon several times until it broke, splashing Knutson.



UW-Stout student Kolt Knutson takes a hit by a water balloon during a Nov. 30 fundraiser for the ROTC Military Ball. The ball will be held Friday, Dec. 8, on campus.