More than 100 employees mark years of service milestones

November 15, 2017

From left, Vickie Kuester, Don Steffen and Judy Darwin, three of five employees recognized for 35 years of service.

Three University of Wisconsin-Stout employees were recognized for 40 years of service and five more for 35 years of employment during a program held Monday, Nov. 13, at the Memorial Student Center.

A total of 104 employees were honored for reaching milestones ranging from 10 years to 40 years. Each employee received a commemorative tackette, or pin.

UW-Stout has 1,301 employees and more than 9,400 students this fall.

The Chancellor’s Office and University Advancement hosted the reception for the honorees, their families and guests. Chancellor Bob Meyer, who received a 30-year award, presented the awards.

“UW-Stout is an exceptional place to learn because of our talented, dedicated and supportive faculty and staff. They make a difference every day in students’ lives, so it’s an honor to recognize our employees for their many years of service,” Meyer said.

Diane Longsdorf, 40 years of service.Mark Parsons, vice chancellor for University Advancement and Marketing and executive director of Stout University Foundation, was the emcee.

The employees recognized are:

40 years

  • Linda Dahl, psychology
  • Doris Faber, Discovery Center
  • Diane Longsdorf, STEMM College

35 years

  • Dorothy Boda, University Dining Service
  • Judy Darwin, communication studies, foreign languages and performing arts
  • Vickie Kuester, Office of International Education
  • Don Steffen, University Communications
  • Ann Thies, University Dining Service

30 years

  • Rosalind Christianson, Merle. M. Price Commons
  • Cory Hein, University Police
  • Renee Howarton, Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center
  • Kevin McDonald, Business and Financial Services
  • Bob Meyer, chancellor
  • Rhonda Rubenzer, Involvement Center
  • Bob Salt, College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences
  • Robin Sweeny, University Archives

25 years

  • Kristine Binkley, Discovery Center
  • Laura Cragin, Student Health Services
  • Renee Eide, human development and family studies
  • Gerald King, University Police
  • Jill Klefstad, School of Education
  • Maureen Mitton, design
  • Tim Shiell, English and philosophy
  • Ken Welty, School of Education

From left, Bob Salt, Rhonda Rubenzer, Renee Howarton and Bob Meyer, four of eight employees recognized for 30 years of service.20 years

  • Steve Deckelman, mathematics, statistics and computer science
  • Kevin Goodell, University Police
  • Kristina Gorbatenko, psychology
  • Susan Krings, Telecommunications and Networking
  • Elaine Lacksonen, English and philosophy
  • Tom Lacksonen, operations and management
  • Debra Mosey, Advisement
  • Kristine Recker, design
  • Jeanne Rothaupt, Counseling Center
  • Forrest Schultz, chemistry and physics
  • Kathryn Sveum, Registration and Records
  • Terry Watkins, Athletics
  • Diane Weisenbeck, STEMM College
  • Cathie Weissman, School of Art and Design

15 years

  • John Achter, Dean of Students Office
  • Bethany Biederman, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
  • Dan Dunbar, Telecommunications and Networking
  • Ed Harris, hospitality and tourism
  • Kara James, Disability Services
  • Kim Karis, Business and Financial Services
  • Sasha King, Learning and Information Technology
  • Kathleen Matthews, University Dining Service
  • Mike McCluskey, Physical Plant
  • Joan Menefee, English and philosophy
  • Erin Nierenhausen, operations and management
  • Danielle Tuschl, University Dining Service

10 years

  • Bill Amsrud, Discovery Center
  • Emily Ascher, Involvement Center
  • Jennifer Astwood, design
  • Alex Basyrov, mathematics, statistics and computer science
  • Barb Bauer, School of Education
  • Martin Baumgartner, University Dining Service
  • Cori Beskow, Applied Research Center
  • Michael Bessert, biology
  • Clayt Birmingham, Athletics
  • Leslie Bowen, English and philosophy
  • Sara Dekan, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
  • Xuedong Ding, operations and management
  • Vicki Dowell, School of Education
  • Sally Dresdow, operations and management
  • Kevin Drzakowski, English and philosophy
  • Tamara French, Custodial Services
  • Peter Galante, communication technologies
  • Xanthi Gerasimo, Honors College
  • Kristal Gerdes, College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences
  • Sue Greene, Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality
  • Susan Grohn, School of Education
  • David Hackel, Telecommunications and Networking
  • James Handley, social science
  • Ellie Hartman, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
  • Bethany Henthorn, Career Services
  • Monika Hermann, engineering and technology
  • Shanna Hoffman, teaching, learning and leadership
  • Tom Hollenback, art and art history
  • Debra Hulleman, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute
  • Doreen Johnson, Human Resources
  • Glenda Jones, English and philosophy
  • Elizabeth Kafka, English and philosophy
  • Staci Kaufman, University Housing
  • Thomas Kaufmann, engineering and technology
  • Erin Konsela, Student Services
  • Susan Kuesel, Financial Aid
  • Phil Lyons, Administrative and Student Life Services
  • Susan Manning, Stout Online
  • Benjamin Markl, Memorial Student Center
  • Kim Martinez, School of Education
  • Leigh May, Business and Financial Services
  • Robert Meisner, engineering and technology
  • Jongeun Rhee, operations and management
  • Howie Samb, School of Hospitality Leadership
  • Matt Schauf, Athletics
  • Kim Schulte-Schoberg, Business and Financial Services
  • Mike Smith, Grounds Maintenance
  • Zenon Smolarek, Physical Plant
  • Josh Steans, University Library
  • Jeff Sweat, social science
  • James Uhlir Jr., Safety and Risk Management
  • Todd Utpadel, University Dining Service
  • Darci Ward, Registration and Records
  • Dongqing Yuan, communication technologies



Top: From left, Vickie Kuester, Don Steffen and Judy Darwin, three of five employees recognized for 35 years of service.

Middle: Diane Longsdorf, 40 years of service.

Bottom: From left, Bob Salt, Rhonda Rubenzer, Renee Howarton and Bob Meyer, four of eight employees recognized for 30 years of service.