Industrial design students take top two awards in contest

July 31, 2015

Industrial design students from University of Wisconsin-Stout dominated a product design contest sponsored by an Ohio company.

Rebecca Wereley's Swing NookUW-Stout students took first place, second place and four of the 10 honorable mention awards. The Winsell Product Design Competition, by Winsell Inc. of Akron, Ohio, drew 19 students. Results were announced in July.

Winsell supplies granite-effect colorants for rotational molding. Rotational molding produces hollow parts when powder or liquid resin is placed in a mold and rotated in an oven. The melted resin then coats the mold cavity.

Rebecca Wereley, of Circle Pines, Minn., took first with Swing Nook, an egg-shaped playset that children sit in as they swing. It's designed for children with autism spectrum disorder. She won $500.

Swings help children with the disorder by making them feel safe and providing a sense of balance and sensory integration, according to Wereley in a news release by Plastics News.

Wereley's entry included production specifics for materials and manufacturing processes.

Matthew Bruhn, of St. Paul, took second place with his Rotochair design, an indoor/outdoor piece of furniture. He won $250.

Matthew Bruhn's RotochairUW-Stout students who received honorable mentions and $150 apiece were Ryne Anderson, of Afton, Minn.; Hans Fritze, of Hastings, Minn.; Alex Greene, of Eau Claire; and Kelsey Hill, of Fishers, Ind.

The six UW-Stout students were from the Design for Manufacture class taught by Professor Ben Pratt. For more information about UW-Stout's industrial design bachelor's degree program, part of the School of Art and Design, go to the website.

Other honorable mentions went to students from Purdue University and Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

"The rotational molding industry is fueled by the creative ideas of product designers," said Fred Shockey, chairman and CEO of Winsell. "When we cultivate and celebrate emerging talent in the field, we will thrive. The product design competition gives us a glimpse into the future of rotational molding while also ensuring that future. The future looks bright."

The eight contest judges represented eight companies and co-sponsors from the industry.



Top: Rebecca Wereley took first place with Swing Nook.

Bottom: Matthew Bruhn took second place with Rotochair.