Campus tobacco-free policy updated to include e-cigarettes

February 20, 2017

University of Wisconsin-Stout has updated its tobacco-free policy, the first among four-year campuses in the UW System, to include e-cigarettes.

Because the UW-Stout policy was implemented in 2010, it preceded the widespread use of e-cigarette products, said Doug Mell, chair of the Tobacco-Free Policy Implementation Committee.

Doug Mell“This policy amendment brings our policy up to date to include e-cigarettes, the use of which is becoming more prevalent on campus,” Mell said.

“UW-Stout was an innovator in the UW System in providing a healthy, tobacco-free climate for our students, employees and guests,” Chancellor Bob Meyer said. “This amendment is a logical next step in that effort.”

The policy amendment was developed by a committee that included representation from all four campus governance groups, Mell said. The amendment then was approved by the Stout Student Association, Faculty Senate, Senate of Academic Staff and University Staff Senate. Meyer then approved it as well, after conferring with his Cabinet.

Mell said the policy change means that the use of any forms of tobacco and e-cigarettes is prohibited on any property owned or controlled by UW-Stout.

More information is available at the tobacco-free campus website.



Doug Mell