About Stout: 2010 Programs

November 5

Doug Mell and Chancellor Sorensen discuss enrollment; Stout Student Association President Sawyer Lubke discusses his priorities for 2010-11.


September 9

Doug Mell and Chancellor Sorensen discusses record enrollment for 2010-11 and other issues; Athletic Director Naatz discusses his new position.

July 9

Doug Mell and Provost Furst-Bowe recaps last year and looks ahead to 2010-11; the Graduate School celebrates 75 years.

April 30

Doug Mell discusses the STEM Scholars program with students Bradley Messerschmidt and Alison Gray, and Pamela Holsinger-Fuchs, director of Enrollment Services Admissions.

March 19

Doug Mell talks with Julia Hirssig about her record-setting basketball and excellent academic career.

February 17

Chancellor Sorensen, Provost Furst-Bowe and Doug Mell talk to Chandra Sekharan, UW-Stout’s American Council on Education fellow.

January 13

Charles Sorenson and University Communications Director Doug Mell discuss the chancellor's office reorganization.  Web site redesign and enrollment figures; Anoop Balachandran, director of the Health and Fitness Center, talks about the facility and working out.