About Stout: 2008 Programs

December 5

Chancellor Sorensen and Vice Chancellor Diane Moen discuss UW-Stout's response to state budget issues; future remodeling of Memorial Student Center.

October 17

Chancellor Sorensen discusses homecoming, new campus building projects and other issues; Amber Gerber discusses Smart+Healthy AODA effort.

September 4

Scott Griesbach, head of University Housing, and Chancellor Sorensen discuss the task of supplying housing for a record batch of incoming freshmen, UW-Stout's current and upcoming renovation projects, and the establishment of the new Discovery Center.

July 24

Richard Rothaupt, interim dean for the new College of Science, Technlogoy Engineering and Mathematics; Chancellor Sorensen, and Provost Furst-Bowe discuss the Jarvis Hall science wing addition, visioning session, and the proposal in front of the Board of Regents for a computer engineering program.

June 20

John Wesolek, Dean of the College of Human Development, discusses and reflects upon his life as a student and career at UW-Stout, as he retires on July 4.

April 24

Chancellor Sorensen discusses the deaths of three UW-Stout students in a house fire on April 5, and the university's response and activities in the weeks following.

March 25

The anniversary of UW-Stout’s polytechnic designation; recent large donations to UW-Stout from Fulton Holtby and an anonymous donor; and formation of a new Center for the Study of Ethics.

February 13

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College and University of Wisconsin-Green Bay manufacturing engineering degree agreement; polytechnic designation anniversary; program realignment; fundraising efforts; and stakeholder visioning process.  Interview with Diane Moen, Vice Chancellor, on how state funding affects our budget, campus maintenance, and Price Commons renovation.

January 15

Topics include program realignment; changes in the institution; the search for deans for the new colleges; a new center for interdisciplinary collaboration.  Interview with Doug Wahl, Chief Information Officer, on the benefits of laptops and the digital environment for students.