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Students to present at NCUR; research grants revamped

March 26, 2012

Judy “Jo” Hopp remembers when she received a research grant as an undergraduate student. “I felt empowered,” said Hopp, an assistant professor of physics at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

She would like undergraduate and graduate students at UW-Stout to feel the same way. It’s one of the reasons she and a group of faculty worked with Research Services at UW-Stout and Susan McClelland, coordinator of the student research enterprise, to change the process by which students apply for and receive the Student Research Fund Grant.

Three students who received the grant, along with six other UW-Stout students, will present their research Thursday, March 29, through Saturday, March 31, at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.

Hopp is part of the Student Research Fund Committee. The committee suggested several significant changes to the application and approval process to make the grants more competitive on campus. “We have a strong interest in making this a prestigious award,” Hopp said.

The committee also raised expectations for faculty involvement.

“We want to foster the relationships between faculty and students as an important part of the research process,” Hopp said. “We’re bringing it to the forefront by including the adviser more explicitly in the process, by engaging faculty.”

The committee is organized by Research Services and has representatives from each of UW-Stout’s four colleges. In addition to Hopp, it includes Sarah Wood, assistant professor of psychology; Xuedong “David” Ding, assistant professor of operations and management; and Joleen Hanson, assistant professor in English and philosophy.

The grant program is administered through the university’s Research Services Office. The Student Research Fund has $31,000 this year through the Student Access to Learning fee. Students can receive up to $2,000 for a research grant and up to $1,000 for a dissemination grant, such as travel.

Spring is a busy time for student researchers. Along with NCUR, six students presented at Posters in the Rotunda March 7 at the state Capitol; they will be recognized at the Research Gala on campus Tuesday, April 17 ; they will present at the annual Research Day on campus Tuesday, April 24; and they will participate in the UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Friday, April 27, at UW-Parkside.

UW-Stout research accepted by NCUR

UW-Stout students whose research was accepted at NCUR and their advisers are:

• Jennifer Anagos, of Wyoming, Minn., “Foster Mother’s Perspective on Factors Affecting Positive Transitions for Foster Children”; Susan Wolfgram, human development and family studies

• Christina Hall, of Theilman, Minn., “The Relationship Between Gender and Attitudes Toward Cohabitation”; Wolfgram

• Lacey Holzer, of Hammond, “Relationship Between Reported Carbohydrate Intake and Fasting Blood Sugar”; Susan Raatz, University of Minnesota, dietetics

• Brittany E. Johnson, of Menomonie, “Models of Cadmium Absorption by Parsley”; Kitrina Carlson, biology; Ana M.Q. Vande Linde, chemistry

• Rebecca Radle, of Hudson, and Sara Xiong, of Eau Claire, “Teen Moms and Educational Goals”; Wolfgram

• Samantha Schneider, of Holcombe, “Do Teen Drinking Motives Differ According to Gender?”; Wolfgram

• Mai Choua Vang, of La Crosse, “What Do Families Need for Stability in a Poor Economy?”; Wolfgram

• Ashley Weibel, of Rockland, “The Relationship Between Gender and Perceived Cyber-bullying Behaviors”; Wolfgram

For more information, contact McClelland, Research Services, 715-232-2694 or mcclellands@uwstout.edu.


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