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The votes are in: Blaze chosen as name for Blue Devil mascot

February 11, 2012

The votes are in and University of Wisconsin-Stout’s mascot is nameless no more. Its name is Blaze.

The mascot doesn’t speak, so we can’t ask it what it thinks, but Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen is pleased with the choice.

“Blaze is appropriate,” he said. “We want our Blue Devil athletic teams to be hot in their sports, so Blaze will fit right in.

The name was chosen after about three weeks of voting conducted on Blaze’s Facebook page. Nearly 1,600 people registered their choice, and Blaze won with 766 votes. The other choices and vote totals were Beau 478, Harvey 253 and Scorch 84. Voting ended at midnight Thursday.

The new name was announced during a ceremony Saturday between the women’s and men’s basketball games at Johnson Fieldhouse.

The mascot was introduced without a name to the public in September. More than 100 suggested names were evaluated by a committee before the final four were selected.


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