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Chancellor Sorensen comments on 2013-15 state budget proposal

February 21, 2013

The new state budget proposed Wednesday night by Gov. Scott Walker is an improvement over the current document, but important details still aren’t know about one crucial area, University of Wisconsin-Stout Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen said today.

 “It is obvious that this budget is much more favorable to the UW System than the 2011-13 budget, which imposed $315 million in cuts for the system over two years,” Sorensen said. Walker has said his proposal includes about $181 million in additional spending in all areas for the UW System.

Sorensen said the governor still hasn’t released details of his plan to increase the wages of state employees, including UW System faculty and staff.

“My top priority for 2013-15 remains securing adequate compensation for our faculty and staff, given that we have gone over four years without a pay raise and had to endure furloughs and higher health care and retirement costs,” Sorensen said. “The true value of this budget for UW-Stout and the rest of the UW System will not be known until we see the details of what the governor is proposing for wage adjustments.”

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