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Students ready to rake for residents during Yard Cleanup project

October 15, 2012

Groups of UW-Stout students will head into the neighborhoods in Menomonie this week for the annual fall Yard Cleanup project.

City residents unable to work in their yards, especially homebound seniors, will get help from student organizations. About a dozen yards, with more likely to be identified, are scheduled to be spruced up. Many of the yards belong to residents who are served by Meals on Wheels, according to Bobbette Tunnyhill, Dunn County Aging and Disability Resource Center.

Caleb Ahles“They enjoy the interaction with the students. One woman always goes out and gets cookies for them. They look forward to it too,” Tunnyhill said.

Students rake, bag and remove the leaves, according to Caleb Ahles, Yard Cleanup project leader through Ally Initiatives at UW-Stout. The bagged leaves will be spread on garden plots at the Menomonie Community Garden, and a pile will be left for residents who would like to pick up leaves for garden cover or compost piles.

“The Yard Cleanup is a great service and one less worry these residents have to take care of. It’s always great giving back to the community,” said Ahles, a senior construction major from Lino Lakes, Minn.

Ally Initiatives provides the raking equipment, such as rakes and bags, if needed to help students complete the projects. One group planning to help is comprised of international students. “Students don’t usually bring a rake with them to school,” Ahles quipped.

Last year close to 20 yards were raked. Ahles expects a similar number this year before the project ends Saturday or Sunday, depending on the number of yards and student availability.

For more information, contact Ahles or Ally Initiatives at 715-232-1772.


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