Student Research

In recent years, faculty in the department have been actively involved in engaging students in research.  For example,

Computer Software:

With the support of the National Science Foundation, for many years, Dr. Dennis Mikkelson (emeritus faculty) supervised a number of students in creating software for visualizing data from neutron scattering experiments. 

Mathematical Research:

Dr. Wan Bae, partially supported by the National Science Foundation, has directed students in research on spatio-temporal data modeling and moving object data.

Dr. Greg Bard has directed students in cryptographic research.

With the support of the National Science Foundation, Dr. Chris Bendel has directed students in creating/modifying software to make algebraic computations.  For more details click here.

Dr. Keith Wojciechowski has directed students in applied mathematics research, particularly numerical methods for solving differential equations.


Summer REU:

Starting in the Summer of 2012, Stout will be hosting a National Science Foundation sponsored Research Experiences for Undergraduate students site.  For information, please click here.