Math-154 Calculus II

Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science Department

COURSE N./TITLE: MATH-154 (355-154) Calculus II


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Continuation of MATH-153: Antiderivatives; integration theory and techniques, applications; parametric equations, vectors.

Prerequisite: MATH-153 or MATH-156.


  • Calculus, 8th Ed., by Larson, Hostetler & Edwards (adopted F05)
  • (Adopted Fall 2002: Calculus, 7th Ed., by Larson, Hostetler & Edwards)
  • (Adopted for Fall 1998: Calculus, 6th Ed., by Larson, Hostetler & Edwards)
  • (Adopted 8/92: Calculus by Zill)


  1. To develop understanding in the calculus as an integrated part of the field of mathematics.
  2. To promote an appreciation for calculus as a useful tool in problem solving and also as a topic in mathematics worthy of study.
  3. To develop skill in approaching and solving problems through analysis, synthesis and judgment (as opposed to memory as such).
  4. To show the value of proof and inductive and deductive reasoning in problem solving.
  5. To help the student gain confidence in the ability to recognize and solve problems (through practice in a wide variety of problem situations).
  6. To help the student find application in his/her chosen field.


  1. Applications of the Definite Integral
  2. Calculus of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  3. Calculus of the Trigonometric and Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  4. Techniques of Integration
  5. Indeterminate Forms and Improper Integrals
  6. Parametric Equations
  7. Vectors in Two and Three Dimensions
  8. The Calculus of Vector Valued Functions

Revised 6/08