Current Course Offering

Course Number Course Title PDF
CS-144 Computer Science I View
CS-145 Computer Science II View
CS-244 Data Structures View
CS-245 Introduction to Computer Organization View
CS-248 Web and Internet Programming View
CS-342 Survey of Programming Languages View
CS-343 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics View
CS-345/545 Image Processing View
CS-346/546 Simulation Modeling & Analysis View
CS-441 Computer Architecture View
CS-442 Systems Programming View
CS-443 Database Systems Manipulation and Design View
CS-448 Software Engineering View
CS-458 Advanced Software Engineering View
CS-480 Introduction to Computer Security View
GDD-101 Introduction to Video & Computer Game Design & Development View
GDD-325 Two Dimensional Game Design & Development View
GDD-450Three Dimensional Game Design & Development IView
GDD-451Three Dimensional Game Design & Development IIView
MATH-010 Fundamentals of Algebra View
MATH-110 Intermediate Algebra View
MATH-118 Concepts of Mathematics View
MATH-120 Introductory College Mathematics I View
MATH-121 Introductory College Mathematics II View
MATH-123 Finite Mathematics View
MATH-150Calculus with Precalculus AView
MATH-151Calculus with Precalculus BView
MATH-153 Calculus I View
MATH-154 Calculus II View
MATH-156 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I View
MATH-157 Calculus & Analytic Geometry II View
MATH-158 Calculus III View
MATH-180 Foundations of the Language of Mathematics View
MATH-250 Differential Equations with Linear Algebra View
MATH-255 Differential Equations View
MATH-262 Modern Geometry View
MATH-270 Discrete Mathematics View
MATH-275 Linear Algebra View
MATH-370 Modern Algebra I View
MATH-371 Modern Algebra II View
MATH-380 Cryptography View
MATH-450 Real Analysis I View
MATH-451 Real Analysis II View
MATH-460 Complex Variables With Application View
MATH-710Introduction to Industrial MathematicsView
MATH-720Algebraic StructuresView
MSCS-280 Graph Theory with Applications in Computer Science View
MSCS-390/590 Topics View
MSCS-446 Numerical Analysis I View
MSCS-447 Numerical Analysis II View
MSCS-492 Mathematical Modeling and Computational Foundations of Bioinformatics View
STAT-130 Elementary Statistics View
STAT-320/520 Statistical Methods View
STAT-330 Probability & Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences View
STAT-331 Probability & Mathematical Statistics I View
STAT-332 Probability & Mathematical Statistics II View
STAT-440/640 Advanced Linear Modeling - Regression and Time Series Analysis View
STAT-740Multivariate Statistical AnalysisView