Computing Facilities

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science has two computer laboratories. The department also maintains several servers for use by students and faculty in coursework and independent research projects

Jarvis Hall Science Wing 216

This is a teaching and tutoring laboratory, primarily for students taking courses in the Applied Mathematics & Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or the Game Design and Development programs.  In addition to class instruction, student tutors (Supplemental Instructors) work evenings and Sundays to provide help to students in introductory courses.

The lab is available for student use whenever classes are not being held.  

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Student SIs (Supplemental Instructors) are available to help students in introductory computer science classes.

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Jarvis Hall Science Wing 316

This is a working laboratory primarily for advanced students in the Game Design and Development program. It currently consists of 24 HP workstations, one advanced workstation, and a laser printer.To use the lab outside of class time, contact your instructor.