Success Story: Stainless Specialists, Inc.

Stainless Specialists, Inc.


Location: Wausau, WI
Years in Business: Since 1985
No. of Employees: 150

Products: Custom fabricator of stainless steel equipment for the food processing industry, process piping, HVAC, residential plumbing and HVAC, and others

NWMOC Projects: Organizational Development, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Standardized Processes


The rapid growth of SSi over the past four years – due to loyal and satisfied customers - has strained their business systems, as well as their overall corporate management structure.  One of Roger's trusted friends referred him to the MOC to talk about possible assistance options.


Two project managers met with Roger, and it was determined that an in-depth assessment should be conducted to develop a clear picture of the company and to provide the basis for a strong course of action. This assessment identified critical items that would reduce exposure to financial risks, improve financial performance, and ensure customers continued to receive excellent service. The project managers were asked to give a presentation to all employees, and meet with the advisory board to discuss recommendations and improvement actions. The project managers then worked with each major division on these critical items.

Next the company started an in-depth review of their basic processes and procedures that they had clearly outgrown. New processes and standards were implemented that reduced stress and eliminated a significant amount of non-value adding time. As a result of implementing good procedures that helped both the company and their customers, productivity of their engineers and other staff increased considerably.

Finally, the overall organizational structure was re-designed to be more effective for the new size of the company. Another review with their advisory board and their banker resulted in a final set of clear strategic priorities to focus on for the future. All of this was over a year's work, and Roger now expects continuous improvement to be an integral part of the organization.


  • Implemented a new "bid process"
  • Created responsibility changes that resulted in a 50% increase in design engineers time
  • Created a new organizational structure
  • Developed a 5-point strategic plan
  • Implemented visual management systems in the tool room

Stainless Specialists, Inc.

Bill and Brad put in their personal time to develop a clear view of our company, and provided the guidance to our leaders and advisory board that really makes a difference. They did not shy away from the difficult and championed the implementation corporate wide by engaging all employees.

~ Roger Prochnow, President