Success Story: Mastercraft Industries, Inc.

Mastercraft Cleans House and Goes Lean


Location: Rice Lake, WI
Headquarters: Rice Lake, WI
Years in Business: 60
No. of Employees: 260

Products: Privately owned manufacturer of Holiday Kitchens special-order, custom-designed kitchen and bathroom cabinets--one of the top ten custom cabinet manufacturers in the U.S.A.

MOC Projects: 5S Events, Value Stream Mapping


"Over the years we have collected a lot of clutter on the manufacturing floor," commented Matt Daniels of Mastercraft Industries, which operates a 60-year old factory. The realization soon occurred that Mastercraft needed to incorporate Lean principles with their processes and "clean house." Mastercraft had worked with MOC Project Managers a few years ago on some flow projects, so they returned for help with 5S projects and additional Lean initiatives.


Project Managers from MOC conducted three Lean 101 on-site workshops as well as Lean Tools for the Office. A critical starting point for any lean initiative is to complete the 5S system in work areas to Sort (remove all unneeded items); Set In Order (set limits and create temporary location indicators); Shine (clean everything); Standardize (implement visual displays and controls); and Sustain (maintain 5S through training and total employee involvement).  After completing more than 30 5S projects, two set-up reductions, and one Value Stream Map, Mastercraft Industries reports positive, measurable impacts.  "Our competition tries to beat us on lead times and cost, which is why the Value Stream Mapping was so helpful," according to Matt Daniels. "We are now focused on implementing 5S throughout the factory." Inventory levels at workstations have been reduced from weeks' and months' worth to just 5 day's worth.  And, the employees appreciate their cleaner and safer work environment.


  • Reduced two set-up times by 50%
  • Increased production time
  • Decreased floor space requirements by 15%
  • Reduced order processing time from 16 days to 4.25 days (73%)
  • Improved employee morale

Before 5S Event

After 5S Event


MOC is very effective. They bring real-world experience but remain flexible enough to apply lean principles that are customized for our business.

~ Matt Daniels, Lean Facilitator