Success Story: MarquipWardUnited

MarquipWardUnited: A Barry-Wehmiller Company


Location: Phillips, WI
Headquarters: Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc. of St. Louis, MO
Years in Business: 39
No. of Employees: 480 in Phillips

Products: High-speed corrugating, finishing, and sheeting machinery for the corrugated box and paper-converting industries. Pasteurizers and bottle washers for the beverage industry.

NWMOC Projects: Lean Certification Training, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Quick Changeover, Total Productive Maintenance, Cellular Flow


Previous lean initiatives at the Phillips facility focused more on manufacturing "numbers" and less on the people whose lives were affected. In the summer of 2005, they realized their need to embark on a more grass roots, organization-wide lean journey that would involve their IT department, Accounting, and all other non-manufacturing areas. They wanted to break down existing silos and create cross-functional Lean leaders. Their belief that Lean was much more than a business initiative, combined with their passion for their people, prompted them to integrate their Guiding Principles of Leadership with lean initiatives to create what they fondly refer to as the "Heart & Soul of Lean."


In March through June of 2006, NWMOC project managers provided lean training to 20 silo leaders. These former silo leaders touched another 100 employees by involving them in 13 different lean projects, which were coached by NWMOC project managers. The previously coveted corner offices were vacated and, as a result of restructuring teams around the value stream lines, the five new value stream leaders were co-located with their team members. Fueled by their desire to provide a safe, enriching environment for employees to use their many talents, they took 5S to a new level and added two "S's"—Safety and Satisfaction—to the traditional 5S. As they continue on their Lean Journey, the lean leaders at Marquip know that help is just a phone call away, thanks to the NWMOC. "By combining Lean with our Guiding Principles (of Leadership), we provide meaningful roles that engage our team members in the design and implementation of our strategy," commented Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller.


  • Increased productivity by 20%
  • Reduced razor tooling floor space by 25%
  • Reduced machine changeover by 50%
  • Reduced circuit test travel path by 49%
  • Decreased knife stiffener set-up time by 75%
  • Reduced month-end closing time in accounting by 25%
  • Eliminated 21 non-value-added accounting activities
  • Reduced custodial storage areas by 50%
  • Reduced motor shop batch sizes by 88%
  • Reduced travel path in motor areas by 93%

Before Lean

After Lean


Lean empowered our team members to take control of processes in their area.

~ Bob Fiorelli, Director of Manufacturing Services