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Field Logic Hunts Lean Success

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Location: Superior, WI
Headquarters: Superior, WI
Years in Business: Since 1997
No. of Employees: 180

Products: manufacture and market innovative products for the hunting industry

NWMOC Projects: Principles of Lean Manufacturing, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, E!WW, A3 Problem Solving, Total Productive Maintenance, Simulation (majority of projects done in partnership with Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board FY10-11)


When NWMOC Project Managers Aaron Bialzik and Kelly Sullivan called on Field Logic, their timing could not have been better. Field Logic wanted an expert opinion on establishing baselines and developing a systematic way for the company to move forward. In the last 10 years, Field Logic has had tremendous growth.


Communication is always important, especially during periods of rapid growth, which is why nearly all employees have participated in Lean 101 training and
implementation. Field Logic began their lean journey by targeting their Block® target division. Production in that area has increased by 20% on average. Their
Hurricane target area layout has been improved by 30%. "You'd be a fool not to try it (Lean); it doesn't cost much when you consider what you get," commented
Bob Matarelli, Lean Coordinator and Manufacturing Engineer at Field Logic. "There's a reason why Fortune 500 companies are embracing Lean—you can't hang on to the fat and survive. It's a global economy out there whether people want to admit it or not."

Field Logic's broadhead division experienced significant growth with a demand that exceeded their ability to supply. Phil Matson, Field Logic's Operations Manager, explained that they did not have all SOPs (standard operating procedures) in place, so training new employees was challenging. Bob commented that each division undergoes a 5S (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) audit monthly. The production work-spaces have been redesigned to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline work flow. Field Logic is also practicing sustainability by using specialized scrap from textile industries to fill their bag targets. At first this specialized scrap was sorted and cut by hand, but they now use a machine that they designed and built to cut the scrap, which is much more efficient. The company designs and builds many of its own conveyors and machines. Phil added "We've gotten much better at starting out new product lines the right way!" Another interesting note is that five Olympic gold medalists have used Field Logic archery products to bring home the gold.


  • Increased production in Block® Target division by 20%
  • Improved Hurricane™ Target layout by 30%
  • Require increased quality from supply chain vendors
  • Experienced cost savings of $65,000
  • Increased investments by $28,500
  • Use specialized recycled materials to fill bag targets

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Field Logic

You'd be a fool not to try the NWMOC's services; it doesn't cost much when you consider what you get!

~ Bob Matarelli, Lean Coordinator/Mfg Engineer