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Gallery 209 student show features variety of art techniques

July 3, 2013

They are three of about 20 pieces of student art on display in the exhibit Exposing Our Underdraws, room 209 of the Applied Arts Building, 415 13th Ave. E.

"Larry and Ethel" are oversize portraits made of charcoal on paper with Mylar overlays by student Kelly Christianson, of Butternut.

"Sergeant Polly," a grouping of 2D and 3D pieces by Shelby Mannino, of St. Paul, is made with lithographic rubbing ink, screenprinting, enamel paint, fabric lace and discarded wood.

In "Gluttony," artist Brianna Ihrke, of St. Charles, Minn., uses charcoal, pastel, oil paint and shellac.

“Dishonor” by Brittany Tainter.A piece by Brittany Tainter, of Fall Creek, graces the front and center of the gallery. Three vertical, featherlike drawings called "Dishonor" are made of charcoal on paper.

Other mediums and techniques used by students include acrylic, pen, gesso, ink, marker, graphite, pencils and watercolor.

The pieces were created in a class taught by Professor Bryan Ritchie.

Exposing Our Underdraws will run throughout the summer, as will two other nearby exhibits:

Bike Tales: Selected Prints from Bike Print MKE, is on display in the Window Galleries, part of Furlong Gallery in Micheels Hall. One of the 11 bicycle-themed prints, "Playdate," is by Assistant Professor Joseph Velasquez. The prints, which highlight a variety of printmaking techniques, are part of a larger exhibit that debuted earlier this year at the Peck School of Art at UW-Milwaukee.″

In the Furlong main galleries, the year-end juried student show Visions features more than 70 student pieces of art. Read more here.

Micheels Hall is connected to Applied Arts. Summer hours at the gallery are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday.

For more information on the UW-Stout School of Art and Design, click here.


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