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Professor's paintings selected for New York art exhibits

June 30, 2014

An art professor at University of Wisconsin-Stout has had two paintings accepted for juried shows this summer in New York City.

"River Study" and "Trefool" by Tim Tozer, an assistant professor in the School of Art and Design, will be in shows at Flowers Gallery and Bowery Gallery, respectively.

"River Study," acrylic on panel, is in the eighth annual New York Academy of Art Summer Exhibition. The show runs through July 12.

" 'River Study' was my exploration of an old archetype in art — bathers beside a body of water. I tried to enter this well-explored territory through unexpected contrasts of construction and nature and through the juxtaposition of private and public," Tozer said.

"Trefool," an abstract, acrylic on canvas, will be in the 23rd annual Bowery Gallery show from July 31 through Aug. 16.

Tim Tozer" 'Trefool' reflects my current interest in enacting (rather than representing) the human dramas I explored in earlier paintings such as 'River Study'. I wanted to create an immediate and active composition from layers of competing desires; hard-edged graphic shapes versus passages of freely painted forms and accidental marks," Tozer said.

"Like 'River Study', I wanted it to communicate a sense of open, energetic engagement with the viewer, combined with a taught sense of internal structure."

In 2013, one of Tozer's paintings was chosen for the Soo Visual Arts Center juried show in Minneapolis.


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Top: "River Study" by UW-Stout's Tim Tozer is in the New York Academy of Art Summer Exhibition at Flowers Gallery.

Bottom: Tim Tozer


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